Biocensus is an ecological consultancy based in Bath with a vast network of ecologists around the UK. We deliver a range of ecological services at both a strategic and a project level to enable you to manage your ecological risks and maximise opportunities. Combining ecological expertise, scientific rigour with pragmatism and professionalism we work with businesses to achieve a ‘net positive’ drive that benefits the environment and your bottom line.

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Environmental - Environmental Management
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Nationally (across the country)

The world is changing. These days business profitability is directly impacted by the extent to which companies incorporate biodiversity into their planning and operations.

Thinking about green issues is no longer a fringe activity, the remit of long-haired hippies working against commercial values. We deliver a range of ecological services to the business community at both a strategic and a project level to enable you to manage your ecological risks and maximise opportunities.

From providing guidance and support on the development of Biodiversity Footprinting at a corporate strategic level through to delivery of project specific work such as surveys, Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA), protected species surveys and mitigation and monitoring, we respond to the challenges businesses face across a range of sectors. We work with you as part of your team, whether you are focusing on specific details of a site, such as performing a great crested newt survey, or whether you need support pulling together analysis of your global supply chain.

Our scientific research background ensures that the service you receive produces meaningful results on the back of a robust process. Through our extensive network of highly skilled and experienced ecologists we can provide you with the support to boost your staffing and resources on specific projects in a timely manner. Tapping into our network enables your business to be responsive to the changing and often seasonal demands of ecological work without having to carry the burden of employing people.

Biocensus is led by a core team of highly qualified ecologists. Equally we are business people. Our eyes are always firmly fixed on the business need behind the ecological work undertaken. It is critical to us that we understand and enable your business to achieve its aims and objectives. One of our central objectives is to build long-term partnerships with our clients.

Our combination of ecological knowledge and business acumen can help you navigate biodiversity issues effectively. The risks incurred by ignoring biodiversity issues include:

  • challenges to license to operate
  • the disruption of supply chain
  • damage to brand image
  • fines
  • third-party claims for environmental damages and future environmental liabilities
  • lower ratings in the financial markets

Not to be ignored whatever sector you work in. Conversely the opportunity to boost profitability and move towards sustainable business growth is significant.

We can help you to put the right strategy in place to transform these risks into opportunities.

We are a niche consultancy led by a core of highly qualified ecologists and business people.

Through our extensive network of highly skilled and experienced ecologists we enable businesses to manage ecological risks and maximise opportunities.

For Ecological Impact Assessment work our nationwide network of specialists ensures we can deliver a local expert to work on your project. By local we mean within a 50 mile radius of the site. Working with ecologists local to your area means they know your patch. They’re also often on first name terms with the key people that you need to get on-side in order to progress your project – from the planning officer at the local council, the county ecologist through to the statutory agencies*.

All-importantly you don’t carry the costs that other consultancies would expect you to pay for such as mileage, travel time and accommodation. Naturally, it means we have a low carbon footprint ourselves.

Quality Assurance is at the heart of what we do – the quality of our network is critical to us. Each ecologist has been through a vigorous vetting process. We ensure that standard procedures are followed out in the field and that onsite spot checks are undertaken.

We believe in making money.

We also believe the world is facing huge environmental problems which impact people, businesses and how we live our lives. Great work is being done by charities and NGOs to set the agenda and affect policies, but it is businesses that can implement truly significant global change.

As a business we understand the need for money to be spent wisely, profits to be maximised, risks to be mitigated and long-term company stability to be achieved. However there is a growing appetite within the business community to align ethics with commercial objectives and lessen company impact on the environment – a ‘net positive’ drive.

This is a different business model, one based on the need to build partnerships. We believe in business… that is financially, environmentally and socially sustainable. Business that is going to survive and prosper.

We believe in helping businesses with the long term thinking and planning that entails. As professional ecologists and scientists we believe in a solid evidence base and the ability to demonstrate a real effect of the work we’ve done. The work we produce is based on the best possible evidence – it is timely, accurate and complete.

We only work with people that we have vetted and trust because we believe in the importance of providing high quality expertise as well as high quality data. Through our unique business model we are able to do so and provide you value for money.