Biocorrection A/S

Biocorrection A/S

BioCorrection has developed a patented technology for the treatment of organic refuse (manure, sludge etc.) and other types of organic produce. This technology makes it possible to convert organic refuse into a non-polluting and odour less product within a few hours. Furthermore, 100% of the rganic refuse can then be recycled. The technology has been used for the last five years in connection with the cleaning of organic materials and has many potential usage possibilities in the agricultural sector, in water treatment plants and in the industry. The treated products are subsequently refined into various types of humic-substance-based products.

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Lufthavnsboulevarden 6 , Kastrup , DK-2770 Denmark

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Water and Wastewater - Sludge Management
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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BioCorrection aims at becoming a preferential partner for the agricultural sector, industry and the public authorities in their quests for solutions to the environmental challenges resulting from organic refuse produced by farms, sewage treatment plants, the pharmaceutical sector and society in general.

BioCorrection’s clients will be offered various solutions for the treatment of their organic refuse.  The cost of these solutions will vary depending on each type of treatment.

BioCorrection will also offer sale and services of various refined types of humic substances.