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  • Isan - Delivery Systems - Liquid - Powder or Caplets - Sprays & Washes

    Isan - Delivery Systems - Liquid - Powder or Caplets - Sprays & Washes

    Isan – Allows for real time, automated, precise dosing to bodies of water, continuous flows of water, recirculating systems and water application systems including large scale industrial uses. The Mini Isan can be rolled on site or mounted on the back of a utility vehicle for portable solutions. CupriDyne can be delivered in capsules, tablets and powders, allowing for mixing in water, or by blending with other materials. CupriDyne can also be...

  • AOS - Filter System

    AOS - Filter System

    Our AOS Filter combines powerful and safe oxidation chemistry with carbon filter materials to achieve outstanding water purification results. The AOS has been validated by researchers at the University of Alberta for its unprecedented decontamination and disinfection results, making it a leading cost-effective solution for the purification of contaminated water. The AOS Filter's potential has garnered significant financial support from multiple...

  • Cupridyne - Clean Industrial Odor Control

    Cupridyne - Clean Industrial Odor Control

    Industrial Odor Control tackles even the worst odor problems. The company's odor control products have won multiple product of the year awards by industry associations, and are rapidly winning customers. CupriDyne Clean even has an exclusive supply agreement with the US Government. Why? Because CupriDyne Clean doesn’t just mask odors, it chemically inactivates them through safe and effective oxidation. The company’s CupriDyne-based...