Biological Care s.r.l.

In November 2003 we have supported the birth of the first industrial plant of Biogas in Italy. Biometa srl we develop energy production from urban wet waste and industrial by-product to obtain Biomethan, a biofuel intended for automotive applications, in compliance with the provisions of the European energy policy . Our operating experiences and our chemical-industrial background enabled us to bring together two worlds apparently distant from each other: the agricultural and the industrial one. We have created synergies and maximised productions orientating them towards the emergent market of Biogas.

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Via Caduti per la Libertà, 6/L , Quarto Inferiore , Granarolo 40057 Italy

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We have continued operating ever since and today we are considered to be among the major market leaders of this sector.
Biological Care originates from the spin-off of a chemical group, leader in distribution, with the purpose of becoming an international point of reference in green economy.

“Naturally Energy” has become our philosophy.
We involve young researchers to build our future together, stimulating the creativity of those who want to achieve themselves in an innovative project.
In order to always keep up with the times we have officially opened three new important entities:
- we carry outapplied research research in the plant of our subsidiary company called Fattoria Energetica S.r.l.;;

The development of all these activities caused the need for an operational site that would enable the growth of perspective and the ability to operate even at production level.

The choice of the new headquarters has the feel of a circle that closes. The buildings are in fact those that more than 40 years ago contributed to the development of that great chemical institution that gave rise to the managerial competences of today.
Biological Care has also thought about developing countries.

For this reason BiologicalBras was founded, a company operating in the state of Santa Catarina, in Florianopolis, aiming to extend all its activities to Rio Grande do Sul and the other neighboring states also.

Particular attention will be focused on the promotion of technology and the supply of small plants for cell-based manufacturing, using the net energy metering system.

The location not only has a positive environment but it is also full of surprises. In addition to its state-of-the-art offices, it is in fact also equipped with a new laboratory for analysis and a wide production area for the formulation of nutriments for biogas.

Biological Care was established from an intuition that immediately seemed interesting and varied. From the solid base created on the principle of selling products and services, other economic entities have developed as a complement to the needs of the system. High specialisation, a must in such a complex environment, has encouraged the creation of specific Newcos that could also involve other business entities related to the sector.

The offer of Biological Care Group is unique of its kind and lays also the foundations for new international challenges.