Biomass Engineering & Equipment (BE&E)

Biomass Engineering & Equipment (BE&E)

Biomass Engineering & Equipment is a division of Veneer Services and was created to ensure a total focus on the rapidly expanding biomass industry. Every factory in the veneer and panel industry uses their wood waste to generate steam power, and we successfully developed machines for the proper utilization of that wood waste. Our company gained valuable experience that Biomass Engineering and Equipment now directly applies to your challenges. Biomass Engineering & Equipment provides complete, customized solutions for biomass processing, conveyance, storage and receiving. Providing solutions to fit every client’s needs often requires some degree of customization. Whether we are building a new facility or installing machines into an existing one, we make sure our machines fit your needs perfectly.

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50 Washington Street Suite 3B , Columbus , Indiana 47201 USA
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Our 3D design process allows us to customize our products to each situation. By using 3D, we can also “test” machines and ideas out before they are built. This leads to perfectly customized machines — custom machines mean more efficient operation.

We are so confident in our designs that we offer the industry’s leading warranty on every machine. With products such as our unique push/pull floor system, screens, conveyors, container bins, and an array of other products, we have a machine fit for any task. In an industry that is developing and changing at an incredible rate, you can be confident that Biomass Engineering & Equipment is designing to keep pace. Our quality craftsmanship that means our machines will deliver great results for years.

We’ve developed world-class machines that contribute to the success of many industries. Biomass, lumber, wood pellet, briquette, power generation, ethanol, and animal feed industries. Examples include:

  • SMART Conveyors
  • SMART Containers
  • SMART Floors – Custom-designed push/pull floor systems (a better alternative than upright silos)
  • Live floor bins and bunkers
  • Log decks, log sorters, log trimmers, log transfers
  • Chip screens
  • Receiving bins
  • Roller debarkers

As machine designers, many of our best ideas were actually based on seeds planted by customers. Sometimes it was just a hint like “I wish someone made a machine that could…”. Other times, customers came to us with very specific demands, demands that we were more than happy to accommodate and develop a solution for. The idea to form the company as a division of our parent company, Veneer Services, was born from a very similar situation. A customer with several of our machines said to us one day “You have so many great products that the biomass industry could use. You are both missing opportunities.”

We look forward to educating you about the advantages that Biomass Engineering & Equipment offers you. If you are interested in the products that BE&E offers, let us know how we can improve your business with our machines and solutions.

Talk to us about your needs or challenges in material handling, storage, processing or receiving. We are confident that our experienced team will create a profitable and efficient solution.

The kick-butt people behind the products.

None of this would be possible — from genius product engineering to deep, hands-on experience — without the knowledge, education, devotion and passion of our BE&E team.

We are truly the definition of a team, bringing our diverse backgrounds and talents to form a whole. Our confidence comes from knowing that where one of is learning, another is teaching — and when we teach, we learn even more. And when we learn more, our customers benefit in every single aspect.