BioNutraTech, Inc.

BioNutraTech, Inc.

BioNutraTech, Inc. is the developer, primary manufacturer of micro-encapsulated biostimulants for use in the bioremediation of organic wastes and contaminants in soil, water and animal bedding. Our products reduce time and money on a average of 20 to 30% due to a reduction of wasteful applications. Products are registered with the US EPA and wastewater products are approved by NSF. Our Products are easy to use and have no adverse effects on vegetation, animal, or humans.

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Houston , TX USA
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Site Remediation
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Nationally (across the country)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Bioremediation Technology

BioNutraTech’s products are specially formulated bionutrients designed to accelerate natural degradation on a wide range of common environmental contaminants. The technology behind BioNutraTech’s product formulations is the unique patented oleophilic coating. This coating physically clings to the organic contaminants while slowly releasing the nutrients necessary for enhancing microbial growth. BioNutraTech’s nutrients cling to the organic wastes without washing away. As a result, lower dosing levels are possible than those required with common nutrient, enzyme or microbial supplements. BioNutraTech’s products DO NOT contain any microbial agents, enzymes or surfactants.

Bioremediation Product Research and Development

The company stresses bioremediation product research and development aimed at both understanding and facilitating the natural degradation of organic wastes and reducing or eliminating the source of odor. We are particularly interested in developing products that act upon organic waste by stimulating and accelerating the natural degradation process. BioNutraTech holds product patents in both the United States and China.

Manufacturing and Quality Testing

Product manufacturing is maintained under BioNutraTech’s specifications by Howard Industries, Inc. Howard Industries can receive, blend and mix formulation variations in either powder, granular or pellet forms. More information regarding Howard Industries, can be found at Product shipments can be made by barge, truck, or rail. A third-party laboratory provides product quality assurance.