BioPetroClean, Inc.

BioPetroClean, Inc.

BioPetroClean, Inc.

BioPetroClean directly addresses the current challenges plaguing the oil and gas industry: Wastewater Treatment. Led by a world-renowned scientist in biological treatments, BPC has developed an innovative balanced bio-process known as Active Chemostat Treatment (ACT) that tackles serious bottlenecks in industrial wastewater treatment. This revolutionary treatment results in a virtually pure output that can be directly returned to its natural source.

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PO Box 1607 , Ramat Hasharon , 47116 Israel
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

Complete automation and stability are two of the primary advantages of the BPC-ACT system. Each installation is monitored by a series of online sensors with real-time reaction capabilities. Errors in the system are immediately detected by ACT and dealt with through automatic troubleshooting or if necessary, sytem shutdown. Control systems also receive a report of the error and subsequently notify operating personnel via SMS and email.

The BPC-ACT process transforms water treatment into a more efficient, economical, and ecologically-friendly process using several of its patented technologies. The system can be applied to a wide range of sites including oil refineries, storage farms, drilling sites, marine ports, side stream waters, reservoirs, and other similar locations.

ACT's unique technology meets all industry and government standards for green solutions to oil contamination.

BPC's years of study and expertise have led to the development of our optimization of the cleaning process. BPC can now provide the lowest cost per ton and a high return on your investment. BPC provides the highest quality performance with incredibly fast results at a low cost.

BioPetroClean is a cleantech company specializing in biological wastewater treatment. Our breakthrough technology, Automated Chemostat Treatment (ACT), offers significant advantages over other available processes. ACT can be applied to a wide variety of sites including oil refineries, terminals, drilling sites, marine ports, power stations, contaminated reservoirs, and storage tanks.

BPC's advanced wastewater treatment system has been field-proven and has been shown decrease contamination to levels lower than government discharge standards. The output is virtually sludge-free and the recycled wastewater can be returned to its natural source.

The BPC-ACT industrial wastewater treatment is cost-effective, easy to implement and lowers operating costs. Our wastewater treatment equipment is easily incorporated into existing infrastructures with a reduced on-site footprint.

BPC offers a variety of products ranging from one-time solutions to continuous wastewater treatment implementations.