BioSmart Scientific Ltd

BioSmart Scientific Ltd

BioSmart Scientific Ltd. is a Canadian biotechnology company that uses naturally occurring biological systems to make toxic chemicals biodegradable at the source. We provide all-natural, environmentally friendly and cost-effective pollution solutions.

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525 Highland Road W., Unit 235 , Kitchener , Ontario N2M 5P4 Canada
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In our state-of-the-art biolab, we use organic chemistry and biology to solve complex pollution problems.

Founded in 2000, BioSmart Scientific Ltd. was formed to help a local auto plant reduce manufacturing waste using biodegradation. We now supply the scientific expertise and the appropriate biozymes to deal with pollution problems for a variety of industrial applications in the manufacturing sector.

Two areas of expertise are pursued:

  1. BioRemediation Technology
  2. Development and Commercialization of Ecologically Sound Products and Technologies.

BioRemediation is the process by which living organisms are used to decontaminate polluted systems. Though simple by definition, BioRemediation is actually very complex requiring expertise in a variety of areas including microbiology, biochemistry, hydrogeology, engineering and applied chemistry. Correctly carried out, BioTechnology offers a cost-effective, natural and non-intrusive way to remediate contaminated systems without using toxic chemicals and with no resulting hazardous waste.

BioSmart Scientific Ltd. has the expertise to address the following issues:

  • No odour automotive paint detack and biostripping of steel, aluminum and plastic bumpers.
  • Bio-descaling of sludges and hard water deposits.
  • Biological treatment of wastewater effluents.
  • Biological ammonia removal to re-establish nitrification in ponds.
  • BioTreatments for mass/volume reduction of industrial waste.
  • Odour control by elimination of sulfur-modifying bacteria.
  • Hydro-carbon degradation in contaminated land/water including diesel in farm water.
  • BOD/COD removal in industrial effluent streams.
  • Fat digestion in commercial kitchen drainlines and grease-traps.
  • Design and installation of biological and chemical effluent-treatment plants.
  • Supply of pilot scale reactors for aerobic, anaerobic and DAF clarification treatment studies.


As the life cycle of trees and vegetation end and natural materials die off in the forest, nature sends in armies of bacteria and fungi to turn dead plants and trees into nutrient rich compost. Over time, this compost goes back into the soil, providing a nutrient-rich base for new young trees and vegetation. BioRemediation uses the power of this completely natural cycle of renewal and life.
Using simple scientific equipment, Louis Pasteur discovered how to unlock nature's secrets over 120 years ago. Today, his methods are still widely used and are the basis of all BioTechnology.

By introducing natural bacterial enzymes to industrial waste, Biosmart Scientific Ltd. uses the same elemental principles found in nature to effectively treat industrial waste and reduce it to a natural, safe compound. The resulting compound can either be disposed of without harm to the environment, or it can often be used effectively as compost.

Environmental Sustainability — BioRemediation is a proven process by which living organisms are used to decontaminate polluted systems. BioSmart has combined the principles of organic chemistry with biology to solve complex pollution problems in a natural way.

Cost Savings — Degraded materials are easily and safely disposed of with no environmental impact or expensive extra surcharges. Our unique programs offer cost savings and greenhouse gas reductions, along with numerous other environmental benefits.

Reduction of Your Carbon Footprint — Reduce or eliminate your company's environmental impact. Safe, all natural eco-friendly alternatives ARE available.

Our treatments work best in water simply because our bacteria are designed to be efficient swimmers. The bacteria are equipped with flagella which allow them to swim vigorously from waste source to waste source. Our bacteria are ravenously hungry because during the preparation of our compost teas we encourage the bacteria to side shift their DNA - this horizontal transfer gives them an appetite for the waste products that they have been pre-programmed to devour.

For soil treatments we rely on soil transfer with earthworms. Large earthworms carry the bacteria from waste source to waste source on the biosurfactant slime layer on their bodies.

BioSmart is actively developing waste treatment technology involving the design and implementation of biological to digital interfaces — that is, getting bacteria to talk to computers. This exciting and innovative research will enable us to distribute our specially formulated bionutrients using nanopartical delivery methods.