Biotic Waste Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Biotic Waste Solutions Pvt. Ltd

The promoters of biotic come with vast expertise in waste management. Their experience in biomedical waste in India commenced from 2002. Since then the group has established 6 facilities in North India making it one of the largest operators in India. Biotic team provides training to all healthcare workers who handle biomedical waste. Training sessions are focuses on the correct way to segregate biomedical waste. Incorrect segregation may invite penalty by the concerned pollution control monitoring authorities. Training sessions can be availed by healthcare facilities on their site or at the operators premises.

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Service provider
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Waste Management
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Nationally (across the country)

World’s Best Incineration Technology
This is the only incinerator in India that meets Air Emission standards under the Biomedical Waste Rules, 2016 notified by The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and guidelines by the Central Pollution Control Board.


Barcode Scanning

Healthcare facilities need to scan the colour coded bag prior to handover


Biotic’s representative will collect the scanned waste bags and load it on to the vehicle


Our vehicles follow a route schedule, collecting waste from various healthcare facilities


On completion the vehicle offloads the waste as per colour category at our disposal facility

Treatment and Disposal

Yellow and Cytotoxic waste are incinerated. Biotic uses the most advanced rotary incinerator for treating this category of waste. The air scrubbing line uses an eight stage dry emission scrubbing system that ensures n harmful gases escape into the atmosphere. Red and White Waste is autoclaved and shredded.Blue Waste is chemically disinfected