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The team at Biotrix Asia Company Limited offers a new experience in biogas technology. The team is led by international experts based in the region full time, with successful track records in biogas design and implementation over more than 30 years. The Biotrix team includes local and regional experts giving our clients the advantage of a high quality international design with cost effective local procurement across S E Asia and further afield. Biogas is at the heart of Biotrix and the company offers solutions at all scales from the largest industrial digesters to the smallest systems used at household scale. Biotrix also offers its services for free! See the Biotrix Foundation web page to see if you qualify.

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Suite 0402 4th Floor MSC Building, 571 Sukhumvit 71 Road, Klongton-Nua , Wattana , Bangkok 10110 Thailand


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Internationally (various countries)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

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Anaerobic Treatment

While Biotrix Asia is a relatively new company, the founders have one of the most impressive track records in the biogas sector. After many years of R&D in the 1980s (microbiology and chemical engineering), they have designed some of the largest industrial and agricultural biogas systems in Europe, US and Asia. The team has R&D, design, construction and operational experience of:

  • Continuously Stirred Tank Digesters (CSTRs)
  • Anaerobic Filters (AFs, AFFRs)
  • Thermophyllic Digestion Systems
  • Hybrid Reactors
  • Expanded Bed Digesters (EBs, EGSBs)
  • Uplow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Digester (UASBs)
  • High Solids Anaerobic Digesters (HSAD, Anaerobic Composting, Dry Digestion)
  • Flexible Liner Reactors (Covered Lagoons, CIGARs etc.)

In many cases the Biotrix principals have introduced a range of innovative, and in some cases, award winning developments including anaerobic venturi mixing, submerged combustion heating, draft tube mixing, and portable digestion systems.

Biotrix Asia won a one year Operation and Maintenance contract for a major biogas plant fuel ethanol plant in Thailand which was extended to include assessment, planning and Refurbishment of the existing plant.

In 2010, Biotrix Asia secured a contract worth US$3 million to design, construct and commission a new Biotrix FLR biogas treatment plant for Impress Ethanol to be located near Chachoengsao. This project was later extended to include a 5,000m3 high solids digestion system for cassava wet cake supported by full laboratory testing and development.

In 2011, Biotrix was commissioned to undertake a project as part of a consortium on behalf of the PTT Group, the Thai Oil giant to provide design, construction supervision and commissioning for a new Biogas Plant to treat Palm Oil Effluent (POME) in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Biotrix has since secured government funding for additional projects in the Tapioca Starch sector and international funding for advising on the development of the Indonesian POME sector (USAid).

Aerobic Treatment

The Biotrix team also has track record with a range of other biotreatment technologies including:

  • Reed Bed Treatment Systems
  • Activated Sludge Systems
  • Biological Aerated Filters (BAFs)
  • Lagoon treatment systems
  • Landfill optimisation

Projects have included the deisgn of a high rate activated sludge treatment system for an Abattoir and a reed bed (Root Zone) treatment system for a vegetable canning effluent.

Climate Change

Biotrix staff helped to draft the first methodology for CDM biogas projects (AM022) and have since drafted PINs, PDDs and have developed a number of CDM applications to registration. The team has successfully operated plants in compliance with CDM and Gold Standard conditions and now provide verification and validation services to DOEs. Biotrix is in an ideal position to advise on the development of new CDM opportunities on a consultancy or project development basis, as well as advising on optimising CER returns during operation.


The Biotrix team also provides consultancy services and has undertaken a range of projects from advising on the development of China's National Biogas Action Plan, as part of a UN GEF funded programme which included a number of pilot biogas plants across the country. Other projects have included assessing the status of biogas in China, biogas development in the Chinese and Vietnamese Ethanol Market, Waste Management in Tianjin Economic Development Area, CDM and Agriculture for the EU Policy Dialogues Facility in Beijing and biogas systems for the treatment of pig waste in Hainan Island.

Biotrix routinely advises industry as well as the public sector and governments, and members of our team have also provided services as biogas explosion investigators (Makati Mall Explosion 2007, Philippines).

Project Development

Biotrix can offer a wide range of services in the effluent treatment sector and provides a one stop shop for all biogas sector activities including System Design, Construction (Turnkey & BOOT), Construction Supervision, Commissioning, Plant Refurbishment, Operation and Maintenance (O&M) and Troubleshooting. Biotrix also provides a wide range of environmental consultancy services.