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BL Dynamics Inc. offers various lines of products producing ultrafine bubbles. Bubbles smaller than 50µm in diameter have unique properties which are different from larger bubbles. We have delivered our system, Nano-BL special aeration, to many plants/factories for waste water treatment and oil-water separation. Our applications have been expanded to include natural water treatment and aqua farming.

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871 Higashi-yamata cho, Tsuzuki-ku , Yokohama , Kanagawa 224-0024 Japan

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Ultra fine bubbles are called in several ways such as “micro bubbles,” “nano bubbles,” or “micro-nano-bubbles” with a prefix indicasting the bubble size, but their definitions vary from each researchers and companies.

On ultra fine bubbles, many studies have been published to date, most of which generally agree that bubbles smaller than 50μm in diameter have properties different from larger ones. Researchers are beginning to suggest that bubbles smaller (assuming 1μm or 0.1μm as a threshold) than that have even more unique properties, which remain not yet fully explained.

We refrain from using the designation of “nano bubbles” (bubbles with diameters of tens or hundreds of nano meters in our definition), because we have not yet established a method to directly measure and verify a bubble diameter of that class:
we use instead designations such as “micro bubbles” or “micro-nano-bubbles” to indicate a broader definition,
since we can only infer, based on bubble distribution charts summarizing optically verified bubbles, that there must be a certain share of bubbles under our current limit of measurement

Features Of Tiny bubbles:

  • High internal pressure (difference between internal and external pressures: ⊿p)

Calculated from the Young–Laplace equation (⊿p is in inverse proportion to the radius) and the surface tension of water.

  • High solubility of gas

It is suggested that micro bubbles within 50μ naturally disappear (collapse) in the end after repeating the process of gas dissolution (gas dissolves → the bubble shrinks → internal pressure rises → gas dissolves).

  • Laminar flows as fluid

Bubbles of uniform spherical shapes rarely create turbulent flows but make laminar flows.

  • Lower frictional force

It is suggested that the formation of laminar flows of gas and liquid results in lower frictional force between a solid and liquid.(Application example: ships)

  • Electrically charged micro/nano bubbles

It is suggested that the external surfaces of micro/nano bubbles are negatively charged, and the charging tendency is proportionately greater when pH is greater. Charged bubbles can electrostatically attract contaminants and metal ion.