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  • Asset Management / Optimization Services

    Asset Management / Optimization Services

    Black & Veatch’s advanced asset management processes offer dramatic cost and performance benefits for clients in the water and power industries.Black & Veatch has almost a century of asset management expertise. We work on complex infrastructure challenges across the globe. We can analyze all facets of a single asset or a portfolio of assets. We know the issues that can affect asset performance and how they interconnect.We measure...

  • Construction Services

    Construction Services

    Black & Veatch provides a competitive price and schedule accountability for construction services to the energy, water, telecommunications and government sectors.Black & Veatch has almost a century of extensive construction experience on projects of complex size and scope throughout the world. We offer a full spectrum of construction services to the energy, water, telecommunications and federal markets.We combine advanced technologies and...

  • Construction Management Services

    Construction Management Services

    Black & Veatch brings cost confidence and expert construction management to each project, while minimizing claims.Black & Veatch offers a proactive approach to construction management (CM). This lowers cost, improves quality and minimizes construction claims. We offer tailored CM services for clients in our four core markets – energy, water, telecommunications and federal services.  Our vast experience as engineer-constructors, in...

  • Consulting & Planning Services

    Consulting & Planning Services

    Black & Veatch protects clients’ assets, ensures environmental compliance and improves operations for new and existing infrastructure projects.For nearly a century, Black & Veatch consulting engineers have been helping clients solve some of the most complex challenges on six continents. Our rich history is the foundation of Black & Veatch’s complete consulting and planning services.We deliver reliable infrastructure for...

  • Engineering & Design Services

    Engineering & Design Services

    Black & Veatch has completed complex infrastructure projects around the world, delivering quality, ease of operation and long-term reliability at the lowest life-cycle cost.For almost a century, engineering and design have been Black & Veatch’s core competencies. As an industry leader, we have completed the most complex infrastructure projects found anywhere in the world. This translates into higher constructability, reliability and...

  • Environmental Services

    Environmental Services

    Black & Veatch experts develop sustainable solutions while mitigating risk to tough environmental challenges around the world.  The environment is one of the most common discussion topics among world leaders, and for good reason – it affects the entire planet.  And though scientists and government officials may have differing views on the issue, there is no debate about the need for sensible, sustainable solutions.

  • EPC / Design Build / Expanded Scope Services

    EPC / Design Build / Expanded Scope Services

    Black & Veatch has nearly a century of experience executing projects of complex size, ensuring clients a competitive price, schedule certainty and long-term value. Black & Veatch is one of the most diversified contractors in the industry, offering a full spectrum of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services. Our seasoned professionals have nearly a century of experience in design-build on projects of complex size and scope on...

  • Management Consulting Services

    Management Consulting Services

    Black & Veatch helps utilities solve their most challenging problems with clearly defined strategies, improved processes and the latest technologies.  Utilities today are often left with dwindling resources for confronting rising challenges. It is a struggle to match budgets with demand. And regulations get tighter and more costly. Consumer expectations are also marked by contrast – they expect improved services, greater efficiency and...

  • Nexus of Water & Energy Services

    Nexus of Water & Energy Services

    As Black & Veatch addresses the interdependency of water and energy, clients benefit from reduced water usage for energy output, and lowered energy consumption at water and wastewater plants.  Large amounts of electricity are required to acquire and process water, and large amounts of water are needed to produce electricity. This is the nexus of water and energy, and Black & Veatch sees it as the major emerging issues of the decade. As...