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Black & Veatch protects clients’ assets, ensures environmental compliance and improves operations for new and existing infrastructure projects.
For nearly a century, Black & Veatch consulting engineers have been helping clients solve some of the most complex challenges on six continents. Our rich history is the foundation of Black & Veatch’s complete consulting and planning services.We deliver reliable infrastructure for energy, water and telecommunications. Black & Veatch’s value in new generation development is derived from our broad base of global engineering disciplines.We have experts in system planning and environmental specialties. As a leading global EPC/design-build contractor, Black & Veatch is a single-source solution for new generation and retrofit projects.

Clients use our services to support strategic and scenario planning and enhance their performance. We help to optimize technologies and fuels. Our consultants help protect clients’ assets and ensure environmental compliance.  We improve operations and maintenance while always keeping a focus on health and safety.

Black & Veatch offers experts in virtually every segment of the energy industry. We provide consulting engineering solutions for clients around the globe. They span planning and development support to front-end engineering design. Our services take clients through implementation and operations.

Wastewater Management: Black & Veatch helps clients expand and improve their wastewater treatment plants with the benefits of increased capacity and reduction in environmental impacts.

Drinking Water: Black & Veatch uses innovative technology to help clients provide clean drinking water without worries about bacteria or pollutants. In drought-prone areas of the world, we’ve designed advanced wastewater treatment plants.

Our consulting and planning services have created value for clients globally for nearly a century. Our experience in water-related technology and services ensures sustainable solutions for our clients' complex problems. Our scientists and engineers strive to deliver quality, ease of operation and long-term reliability at the lowest life-cycle cost.

Public Networks: Our solutions for public networks ensure that our clients’ networks are up to date and deliver next-generation technologies. The benefit is to enable customers to be plugged in globally, virtually anywhere at any time.

Private Networks: Black & Veatch rapidly deploys engineering, site acquisition and construction experts to meet private network project timelines. The benefit is that work is done in an environmentally safe manner, while aiding future demand growth.

Our services include communications master planning and needs assessments. We assist with financial planning and feasibility studies. We also offer security and risk assessments.

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