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Blaze Systems is a leading supplier of total LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) solutions which improve performance and business effectiveness across a wide variety of laboratory functions and industries. Blaze Systems offers a complete, comprehensive and cost effective suite of products and services to enhance your enterprise performance at the lowest total cost of ownership and the highest lifetime benefits.

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300 Creek View Road, Suite 204 , Newark , Delaware 19711-8548 USA

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Software vendor
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Environmental - Environmental Management
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Nationally (across the country)

At one level, the question of who we are at Blaze Systems can be answered by summarizing the products and services we offer, which is done elsewhere on this web site. But these are more the effects of who we are than the causes. Who we are is better answered by describing our mission, ethos and emphasis.

Our corporate mission is to be the premier supplier of total LIMS solutions that enhance customer enterprise performance. 'Every installation a success' is our measure of achievement.

Our ethos is to deliver and support well-engineered systems that fit the customer’s needs, which is the very definition of quality. We succeed at this because we bring a unique blend of 'engineering' skills and mind set, a deep background and skill set in information systems technology and in the creation of enterprise applications, and a real heart for the customer's success.

Our emphasis is the success of our customer's business, achieved by adding value. This can be as simple as achieving efficiencies of automation. But it is more dramatic when we help to optimize the entire supply chain by delivering superior integration and streamlined operation.

We have demonstrated who we are to Fortune 100 companies and small contract labs alike. No matter who you are, if you have a laboratory, we invite you to engage us in evaluating the breakthrough benefits you can achieve with Blaze Systems' products and services.

Choose Blaze Systems as your LIMS supplier because we deliver:

  • Highest lifetime benefits
    • Comprehensive COTS functionality for maximum value add over time
    • Open, timely, comprehensive information delivery
    • Integration features - instruments, other enterprise applications
    • Continuous improvement enabler
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
    • Lowest and best fit licensing fees for an enterprise solution
    • Optimized, cost effective, just in time training
    • Automated installation and low IT support
    • Cost effective data migration
    • Low support costs - built in diagnostics and responsive hotline
  • Business partnership
    • Small company persona
    • Personal response
    • Passion for customer success

Blaze Systems was incorporated in 1991 as a C corporation in the State of Delaware, USA, to provide system integration and application support services, primarily for the manufacturing function of Fortune 100 corporations in the process and discrete industries.  The company’s personnel came with extensive experience applying DCS, PLC, process monitoring and control (PM&C), shop floor, laboratory, materials handling and other manufacturing execution systems to enhance manufacturing effectiveness in a Fortune 10 corporation. Our focus has always been to achieve improved enterprise performance by integrating systems across the enterprise supply chain.

In 1994, Blaze Systems purchased the Encompass LIMS business from Enviromatix and released its first version of BlazeLIMS in 1996.  Since then, Blaze Systems has continually improved and enhanced its offerings and established itself as a stable and credible market presence as a quality LIMS supplier.  Our corporate mission is to be the premier supplier of total LIMS solutions that enhance customer enterprise performance.  Our ethos is to deliver and support well-engineered systems that fit the customer’s needs, which is another way to describe fitness for use or quality.  Our product and services offerings have been developed to facilitate achieving these objectives in every installation.

Blaze Systems has the comprehensive product and service offerings for a total LIMS solution and a record of customer satisfaction of which we are justifiably proud.  For example, our total LIMS solutions are employed as mission-critical enterprise-wide systems by the world’s leading supplier of polyester films, the largest supplier of polyols (artificial sweeteners) in the Americas, and the world’s largest tissue bank.  In view of the current cost pressures in virtually every enterprise, Blaze Systems’ offerings provide a cost effective and total LIMS solution with comprehensive functionality, usually with a payback period of less than a year.