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Blupura Srl

Blupura Srl

Blupura, the new generation of high design and environmental friendly POU water coolers 100% Made in Italy. Today our water-coolers are designed using as much recyclable material as possible and are equipped with energy saving devices to reduce energy consumption. But above all we were the first manufacturer on the world market to use the totally natural refrigerant gas R290. A choice with great foresight and quality which has given our customers the option of choosing a product with zero impact on global warming, whilst still obtaining an energy saving of around 15% and higher overall performance of the refrigerator.

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Via Erideo Marinucci, 2/4 , ZONA INDUSTRIALE SQUARTABUE , RECANATI (MC) 62019 Italy
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Drinking Water
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Globally (various continents)

Water and other resources of the planet are the most precious goods that we humans possess. How we preserve them for our future generations depends on the actions of today. By choosing one of our mains supply water-coolers not only you are making the right choice from the ecologic point of view, you are also makinga hygienically safe and intelligently economic choice. With our mains supply water-coolers you have the convenience of a continuous, large quantity of cold, still and sparkling water at your finger-tips without harming the envirnoment. And as if this was not enough! We have come up with impeccably designed water-coolers that are 100% made in Italy and 100% stylishly Italian. This is not just a fashionable slogan, it is a firm fact. One we firmly believe and invest in. At the beginning it was an objective, today it is a commitment and one which makes us really proud.'


A statement like 'Respect for the environment' is not just a fashionable banner to be waved about, instead it is our company philosophy and one which we take very seriously: saving is fundamental for economic development and even more so for our ever decreasing supply of natural resources.


Just by making the choice of using a mains supply water-cooler you are contributing towards eliminating the economic impact (production, transportation and disposal) that bottled water has on the environment and the enormous environmental impact that they have on the entire planet (CO2 emissions, and non bio-degradable plastic).


“Cool Technologies: work without HFCs – 2010' is the title of the annual Greenpeace report which lists companies which have distinguished themselves, around the world, for their use of refrigerating technology which does not use hydro fluorocarbons (HFC), which are the main contributors to 'global warming'. Blupura is incredibly proud to be the only water cooler manufacturer mentioned in this report, proof of their coherence in respect for the environment