BriteSpan Building Systems, Inc.

BriteSpan Building Systems, Inc.

Britespan has been in the fabric building industry since 1994, offering the widest product line available today. We design, engineer and manufacture each product line in-house. Our structures are engineered to be portable, temporary or permanent, with rapid installs even in remote areas. Britespan offers the widest product line in the fabric building industry, with engineered structures from 24’ to 300’ wide to any length. We provide building solutions for every application that are efficient to build and have lower ongoing operating costs than traditional buildings. Britespan’s authorized dealers are industry experts and local to our customers, providing project management from concept to completion.

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37651 Amberley Road RR #1 , Lucknow , Ontario N0G 2HO Canada
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Waste and Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)

BRITESPAN BUILDING SYSTEMS can cover all of your building needs, the uses are endless. The natural bright interior that the fabric building provides creates an environment like no other, keeping it cool in summer and warmer in the winter while saving you money on electrical installations and bills. Our clear span design is optimal for equipment manoeuvrability and provides great height for dumping trucks. We have constructed thousands of buildings over the past 17 years and can assist with your building project from start to finish. Check out some of the buildings we have constructed below.

BRITESPAN BUILDING SYSTEMS offers Prefabricated, Temporary, Permanent and Portable Buildings for a wide range of applications. Your building is a major investment and you take it seriously, so do we. We work with our customers to meet their needs while building our reputation as the leading supplier in our industry. Our vision is not just about buildings, it’s about innovation and to cover all of your needs.

BRITESPAN Building Systems Opens New Manufacturing Facility During International Dealer Conference
It was an exciting International Conference with two new products being launched and the Grand opening of the Brand New Britespan Manufacturing plant.

 “BRITESPAN has done in two years what Cover-All took 15 years to do. The product we can now get from BRITESPAN is superior in quality and vaster in product line. Well done BRITESPAN!” says dealer Keith Snyder of Snyder Equipment, Pennsylvania.

 “Best Conference Ever” says dealer John Lawrence, of Nova Scotia

The owners of BRITESPAN Building Systems have been in the fabric building business over 16 years. With over 16 USA dealers and 20 Canadian Dealers, BRITESPAN is certainly the leader in the supply of fabric covered Buildings in North America.

“We are very excited about opening our new Manufacturing plant. We are now in a position to triple our production.” says Ben Hogervorst, President of BRITESPAN Building Systems.

 “BRITESPAN'S ability to match up and extend existing Cover-all buildings has been very good for our dealership. We have also helped those customers by providing replacement covers when needed.” says dealer Dan Friedman of Friedman Distributing, Iowa.

BRITESPAN Building Systems provides steel framed, fabric covered buildings from 19 to 160 wide pre-engineered to any length required.

BRITESPAN Building Systems Inc. has the most extensive and knowledgeable dealer network available in the industry. Why trust your building project to a company that never steps foot on your site, and only sells by phone.  There are too many variables that come into play and are often overlooked which commonly cost you more money in the long run.  Our dealers are local; they come to your site and work directly face to face with you to determine your best building solution.

BRITESPAN offers Prefabricated, Temporary, Permanent and Portable Buildings for a Wide Range of Applications. Your building is a major investment and you take it seriously. So do we. We work with our customers to meet their needs while building our reputation as the leading supplier in our industry. Our vision is not just about buildings, it’s about innovation and to cover all of your needs.

BRITESPAN Building Systems offer an industry leading 16 year pro-rata warranty on all of our standard covers and a 10 year warranty on or Fire Rated covers on the Atlas, Genesis, Epic and Apex Building Series.

Steel Framework
Our high strength steel framework allows us to build massive clear span spaces, up to 160 feet wide, to any length. An in-house team of design engineers develop the most complete and innovative selection of products on the market. All clear span prefab buildings are designed and manufactured to allow for quick delivery and construction, often in as little as weeks instead of months. Rapid installation time allows our customers to be up and running while others are still waiting on construction.

Superior Galvanizing
Every truss that goes into your BRITESPAN building has been galvanized using the latest and best galvanizing process in the industry, Post Production Hot Dipped Galvanizing. The post production part is the key in the process. This process does not sacrifice the internal coating on the pipe which means you will have a much longer lasting building in the long run.

Fabric Covers
The translucent properties of our fabric membrane covers allow natural daylight into the building, reducing or eliminating daytime lighting costs. Unlike conventional construction, where the outer covering is often punctured thousands of times to attach the roofing and wall cladding, our clear span steel frame buildings are 500%* more airtight (*SRC Publication #11664-1C03 2003), reducing air and heat loss. The fabric membrane has non-conductive properties that reduce the transmission of heat and cold, making the building feel warmer on cold days and cooler on hot summer days. Traditional construction simply cannot match these advantages without substantial costly upgrades.

Customize to Your Building Needs
BRITESPAN Building Systems will customize your building to incorporate colors, ventilation, interior layouts, door and end wall options, foundations and space requirements to meet your needs.

Innovative Design
BRITESPAN buildings are available in widths up to 160 feet and can be manufactured to any length. The thermally non-conductive properties of our covers help to ensure a warmer environment in winter and a cooler interior during the hot summer months. This, combined with the patented truss-arch design and fastening system, guarantees a building of exceptional quality and strength.

Quick Installation
BRITESPAN buildings are quick to install, offer multiple foundation options and our qualified Dealers provide quality installations. Use of a professional installation crew or concise manuals further facilitates a timely installation. BRITESPAN Buildings can typically be installed in less time than conventional structures.

Expert Service
We are committed to providing the highest level of service, working with you every step of the way from initial discussions to 'after the sale' support, and our buildings are backed by the best product support team in the industry. Our goal is to ensure that every customer is enthusiastically satisfied, and is confident in the overall value of the building.

Controlled Environment
BRITESPAN Buildings provide unparalleled ambiance, and exceptional sound dampening properties. The vast amount of natural light illuminates every corner of the building, making for a sunny day feeling inside, reducing or eliminating dependence on an electrical utility grid creating a more comfortable environment for animals and a safer environment for those working around equipment.

The clear span design of BRITESPAN Buildings provide maximum use of space and are designed to extend with your growing business. Our buildings have been used in virtually every application across North America and around the world, from salt and sand storage, to livestock barns, riding arenas, retail showrooms, machine shops, airplane hangars and recreational facilities.

BRITESPAN Building Systems is Certified to CSA-A660-10 standard of excellence. This is the latest version of A660 certification available. All manufacturers in the practice of selling steel building systems to commercial clients. According to the 2005 National building Code of Canada (NBC) Article “Steel Building Systems shall be manufactured by companies certified in accordance to the requirements of CSA-A660 Certification of Manufacturers of Steel Building Systems.” This includes steel framed fabric buildings. When manufacturers are A660 Certified, this assures the customer that the manufacturer will be audited at least once per year. The CSA –A660 certification audit includes quality control, engineering and design, fabrication – both steel and fabric, warehousing, packaging and shipping. It is a complete audit! So why is this important? It insures that there is a quality assurance program that is audited by an outside party to insure the end customer gets a quality product.

BRITESPAN Buildings are designed for strength and durability and constructed with high quality building components. Buildings are manufactured at our CSA-A660 certified manufacturing facility. Our patented truss-arch design assures superior building integrity and is engineered from certified structural-grade steel tubing. High performance fabric membranes are virtually maintenance free, and have tremendous rip, tear and puncture resistance. Our framework is welded and then hot dipped galvanized to provide a longer service life.

Engineered for Performance
BRITESPAN Buildings are engineered for use around the world, offering superior structural integrity in all climates. Our cutting-edge design team has set the standard and continues to raise the bar with innovative building solutions

Be confident, your BRITESPAN building is backed by the world's best. Behind each building is a worldwide team of dedicated professionals, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and a continual investment in product research and development to ensure we remain the industry leader.