BCEIA is British Columbia`s most recognized environment industry association. Comprised of engineering and environmental service companies, technology providers, research organizations, government agencies and environmental law firms, BCEIA members possess the expert knowledge required to deal with most environmental issues. Projects requiring permits or approvals can be expedited by recruiting experienced companies and individuals in the areas contaminated site remediation/assessments, water and wastewater treatment, hazardous and solid wastes management, pollution control, environmental testing and environmental law can all be contacted through our organization. Please contact us should you have the needs of a qualified environmental professional.

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The BC Environment Industry Association (BCEIA) is British Columbia's most recognized and longest running professional business association dedicated to member companies that operate in the many sectors that define environmental defence writ large. Comprised of world-class engineering and environmental service companies, technology providers, research organizations, environs analysts and consultants, disaster response, government agencies and environmental law firms… the BCEIA offers a diverse range of expert knowledge on the business of minimizing, mitigating and defending our shared human and natural environments from human activity.

The BCEIA is committed to networking within the industry; establishing an effective industry liaison and advocacy presence; building partnerships; strengthening business development and competitiveness of its membership; increasing the product and service profiles of its members; and raising awareness of the industry in terms of its economic, human and environmental impact.

The environment industry of British Columbia is undergoing an exciting process of re-orientation and renewal due to the recent convergence of environmental, energetic and sustainability-related issues.  This convergence has prompted a fundamental shift in stakeholder participation and perception of the environment, which in turn, has placed a greater emphasis on the implementation of proactive environmental defence strategies versus reactive ones.

As global economic and political forces shift and influence the operational sectors of its membership, the BCEIA, through new alliances and strengthened partnerships focused more broadly on sustainability, shall endeavour to ensure that it's vital role and that of its members in shaping British Columbia's future, are accounted for.