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Low detection limits, outstanding data quality, and unparalleled customer service have established Brooks Applied Labs as the premier specialty metals analytical laboratory services provider. As experts in the determination and characterization of trace metals in complex matrices, Brooks Applied Labs has the capabilities to meet even the most challenging project requirements.

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18804 North Creek Parkway, Suite 100 , Bothell , Washington 98011 USA

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Brooks Applied Labs was formed in 2015 through the merger of the two industry-leaders in the field of specialty trace metals analysis and metals speciation: Brooks Rand Labs & Applied Speciation and Consulting.

Since 1982, Brooks Rand Labs (BRL) specialized in providing the highest quality trace metals analytical services. While many labs have just recently begun to offer methods for low-level metals determination, BRL has been offering low-level mercury and methyl mercury analytical services for well over three decades! Low detection limits, outstanding data quality, and unparalleled customer service established BRL as the premier specialty metals analytical services provider with the capability to accommodate complex deliverable requirements and conformance with EPA-approved methods. Throughout the late 1980’s and 1990’s, BRL contributed to the development and validation of many of the EPA 1600-series methods that are commonly used for low-level metals and metal speciation analyses today.

Applied Speciation and Consulting (ASC) was founded in 2004, immediately becoming the premier lab in the US for the speciation of metals using ion chromatography coupled to ICP-MS. Instead of a focus on conformance to promulgated methods, ASC emphasized scientific understanding and the development of the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure results were accurate and representative in even the most complex of matrices.

Today, Brooks Applied Labs provides Meaningful Metals Data and Advanced Speciation Solutions to hundreds of projects worldwide, and we are very dedicated to staying in our niche. Many members of our staff, from the Sample Disposal Technician to our CEO, are seasoned veterans in the world of ultra-trace metals analysis and metals speciation. Together we work to provide thoroughly ultra-clean and pre-tested sampling equipment, fast turn-around-time options, high-quality validated data, and custom reporting packages at competitive prices to ensure that our clients receive the data and consulting they require to make critical decisions.

The Brooks Applied Labs Mission
Our mission: to provide the highest quality analytical services for trace metals and metals speciation customized to address the needs of our clients.

Our vision: to support better environmental, human health, and scientific decision-making by providing high-quality analytical services for metals in a workplace that is healthy, respectful, fun, and intellectually stimulating for our employees.


Brooks Applied Labs was formed in 2015 through the merger of the two industry-leaders in the field of specialty trace metals analysis and metals speciation: Brooks Rand Labs & Applied Speciation and Consulting. As the leader in the field of ultra-trace metals and metals speciation analyses, Brooks Applied Labs not only provides you with the best customer service and most cutting-edge analytical services available in the industry, but our combined resources of the merger enable us to increase our capacity and offer an even more comprehensive selection of specialty metals analyses and consulting.

Both companies had a long established history in the laboratory industry. BRL offered trace metals and metals speciation services commercially for over 30 years and the founders of ASC had more than 25 years combined experience focused almost exclusively on metal(loid) and halogen speciation customized for diverse and complex samples. As a result of this merger, Brooks Applied Labs now has the technical knowledge and expertise to provide an extensive scope of metals analysis, speciation, and consulting services unmatched by any other commercial laboratory. 

How does our merger affect you?

  • There are added technical capabilities and lab capacity to help you achieve your project goals
  • You will continue to receive excellent customer service through our combined project management staff and we will continue to offer the highest quality data through our unparalleled internal 3-tier data review process
  • All staff from both companies have been retained, ensuring a seamless transition
  • Research on analytical method development and improvement to pre-existing methods will continue
  • We will continue to remain a small business enterprise (SBE)

At Brooks Applied Labs our focus is on excellence and as such we maintain formal laboratory certifications and accreditations with numerous state and federal accrediting agencies that require frequent performance tests and a vigorous auditing schedule.

Our primary NELAP accreditation is through the State of Florida, Department of Health, Bureau of Laboratories and is reciprocated by many other states. Download our laboratory certifications and accreditations:

  • ANAB - ISO/IEC 17025 - Certificate of Accreditation
  • ANAB - Department of Defense (DoD) - Certificate of Accreditation
  • Florida - NELAP Certification
  • Maine - Department of Health and Human Services Laboratory Certification
  • New York - State Department of Health Certificate
  • Oklahoma - Department of Environmental Quality
  • Oregon - Environmental Laboratory Accreditation
  • Pennsylvania - Department of Environmental Protection Certificate
  • South Carolina - Environmental Laboratory Certification
  • Virginia - Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services Certificate
  • Washington - State Department of Ecology Certificate of Accreditation

Brooks Applied Labs strongly recognizes the importance of scientifically accurate and precise measurements that are legally defensible and useful for regulatory, litigation, and, research purposes. Our program is designed by highly experienced laboratory professionals and is a leading example of best practices in our industry. Our expertise is regularly employed to validate the quality of emerging methods, certified reference materials, and even data produced by other laboratories. Click here to download the latest version of our Comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan.

Data Review & Quality Control Analyses

Ensuring the accuracy and precision of every result we report to a client is our highest priority. Our data review process is exhaustive and includes, at minimum, a review by an analyst, quality assurance, and two project managers. In a typical analytical batch, we perform numerous quality control analyses at a frequency few other laboratories attempt to approach. We also frequently perform duplicate analyses of clients’ samples.