Brooks Rand Instruments

Brooks Rand Instruments

The smaller the target, the more significant the variables. The task of analyzing trace levels of mercury is an extremely important one. The results, as well as public safety, can be compromised by the slightest degree of miscalibration or contamination. Brooks Rand Instruments comes from a long tradition of commitment to advancing the accurate, reliable identification and measurement of trace metals. As the offspring of Brooks Rand Labs, the nation’s first and foremost provider of low-level mercury and methylmercury analysis, our company has a unique understanding of our customers’ needs. We know first-hand the day-to-day concerns and challenges faced by those who operate commercial and academic labs. Our analytical technologies stand alone in the high level of quality, innovation and industry-leading support we provide researchers and commercial labs worldwide.

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4415 6th Ave NW , Seattle , Washington 98107 USA
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Laboratory Equipment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Brooks Rand Labs was founded in 1982 and soon began making instrumentation for use in-house, opening a commercial instrument manufacturing division in the early 1990s. In July 2012, Brooks Rand Instruments was officially spun off as a separate company, but continues to share the rich knowledge and passion that informs the development and enhancement of our products.

High Quality Instrument Design

The groundbreaking modular design of our automated and manual systems is a direct response to the needs of our customers. We put our full knowledge and resources into the development and continuous improvement of products and technologies designed to enhance the output of our clients while making their jobs easier. More than 30 years of lab experience enables us to develop flexible, scalable instrumentation systems that help analysts overcome the most troublesome issues, especially the common problem of sample contamination.

World-class Service and Support

Our focused expertise in trace metals analysis equals better support for our customers, who receive free and unlimited guidance via phone and email. We know that the issues our clients face have as much to do with chemistry as instrumentation and we’re glad to share our decades of analytical experience to provide the most knowledgeable and helpful assistance available.

Team Experience

Brooks Rand Instruments is unique in that our team is comprised of seasoned veterans in ultra-trace metals analysis and metals speciation, as well as the development of methods and instrumentation that have become the standard for analysis and categorization of low-concentration metals. Throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, Brooks Rand Labs contributed to the development and validation of many of the EPA 1600-series methods, some of which reference Brooks Rand instrumentation.

Our goal is to help you consistently and efficiently obtain the precise, meaningful metals data you need to make critical decisions. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you.