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BTL Liners

BTL is a worldwide supplier and fabricator of liners for water and waste containment. Our proprietary PPL liner range in thickness from 12 -36 mils and is the strongest, most cost effective RPE (reinforced polyethylene) available in our industry today. Unlike PVC liners or EPDM liners, polyethylene liners are inert and provide superior UV and chemical resistance for plant and fish safe applications and typically require no soil cover. BTL is a leading provider of liners and Green Geotextiles for above ground and underground storage of water, waste and contaminated soils. Working with companies such as StormTrap, StormTech, Triton, Cudo and EcoRain BTL has been able to provide significant underground storage solutions for the containment and conservation of water by minimizing and/or eliminating the above ground footprint of typical storage systems.

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3451 SW Empire Dr. , Prineville , 97754 Oregon USA
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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)
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Since pioneering the development of heavyweight reinforced polyethylene (RPE) geomembrane liner products in the 1980s, BTL has been the industry recognized leader in RPE liners, with sales volumes of our BTL and PPL liners approaching 50,000,000 square feet annually. We have the facilities and capabilities to create the largest panels in the industry, in excess of 150,000 square feet, all while maintaining the highest standards of customer service, speed of delivery and uncompromising quality.


In the 1980′s, we recognized a need for a liner material to replace the typical HDPE, PVC and EPDM liners products (all non-reinforced products that often require soil cover). Bend Tarp and Liner (now BTL), developed a stronger, thicker double-scrim RPE (reinforced polyethylene) material than had ever been seen in the marketplace, in order to offer a competitive high-strength product that could be prefabricated and installed quickly and cost effectively. From this effort, the PPL line was born.  With the tremendous success of this amazing new liner material, we began a series of expansions from a 4,000 square foot facility in the early 1990′s, to our current home since 2007, which provides 84,000 square feet of state of the art welding and fabrication capacity.

When our market grew from regional to nationwide, and then to international, and when our focus changed to providing high quality liner material exclusively, a new company location and name became necessary—BTL Sales and BTL Lining were created.

Over the past 30 plus years, BTL has grown to be a leading supplier of containment products worldwide. We are the industry recognized leader in RPE products, with the sales volume of our RPE (reinforced polyethylene) liners approaching 50,000,000 square feet annually. We have the ability to make the largest panels in the industry, some in excess of 150,000 square feet, all the while maintaining the highest standards in speed of delivery, customer service and uncompromising quality.

For over 30 years, BTL has designed, fabricated and constructed the most durable, dependable custom containment systems on the planet—protecting the most valuable natural resources of the world! Guaranteed.

For over 30 years, BTL has focused on providing the correct solutions for our customers’ applications, with the fastest possible turnaround times (typically 24-48 hours). Our team is available every business day to discuss your project, and our customers are appreciated and respected, whether they are homeowners or represent the largest corporations in the world.

BTL’s products come from materials produced entirely in North America. Many of our competitors use imported goods from Asian markets, but we believe that jobs should be created and preserved here at home whenever possible. Some of our supplier relationships have been sustained for over 25 years! Longstanding relationships mean that we can guarantee superior quality control, availability and reliable pricing.


BTL specializes in working directly with retailers, homeowners, developers and contractors to furnish or install our liners utilizing local equipment and personnel. With our ability to make the largest single panels in the liner industry (up to 120,000 square feet), quick turnaround times (typically within 48 hours), uncompromising quality and excellent customer service, we provide significant savings compared to typical liner installations. In addition to 30 years of fabrication and liner construction experience all over the world, BTL also offers expert design and installation services for your next project.

Need to move forward but aren’t sure where or how to begin? Contact us to ask questions and schedule a site visit. If a visit is impractical due to distance, time parameters or expense, we have been very successful over the decades at working with clients via phone, email, photos, drawings, etc. We strive to neither over-sell nor under-sell any customer—our goal is always to suggest appropriate products for the application, based on our many years of experience.