Buckman Laboratories International, Inc.

Buckman Laboratories International, Inc.

Buckman Laboratories International, Inc.

Buckman is a privately held, global specialty chemical company with headquarters in Memphis, TN, USA, committed to safeguarding the environment, maintaining safety in the workplace, and promoting sustainable development. Buckman works proactively and collaboratively with its worldwide customers in pulp and paper, leather, and water treatment to deliver exceptional service and innovative specialty chemical solutions to help boost productivity, reduce risk, improve product quality, and provide a measurable return on investment.

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1256 North Mclean Blvd. , Memphis , TN 38108-0305 USA
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Chemical Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

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Making Way for Innovation.
A chemical by itself doesn’t solve problems. But in the hands of a Buckman professional it becomes a solution. The difference? Commitment. A commitment to finding new and better ways to apply chemistries. To helping high-performance companies perform even better. To making service a science.  And to finding sustainable ways of working that benefit not only ourselves and our customers, but also the communities we share.

Our Buckman Fundamentals explain who we are and what we believe. They are a guide by which we serve all our customers around the world. They support our main goal, which is to build long-term relationships and create sustainable value for our customers. The Buckman Fundamentals also assure every customer that we will act in an ethical, honest, and transparent manner to solve their technical problems, safeguard the environment, and maintain safety in the workplace.

These fundamentals include:

The Buckman Code Of Ethics
  • Because we are separated—by many miles, by diversity of cultures and languages—we at Buckman need a clear understanding of the basic principles by which we will operate our company. These are:
  • That the company is made up of individuals—each of whom has different capabilities and potentials—all of which are necessary to the success of Buckman.
  • That we acknowledge that individuality by treating each other with dignity and respect—striving to maintain continuous and positive communications among all of us.
  • That we recognize and reward the contributions and accomplishments of our associates.
  • That we continually work to improve our teaming skills because we recognize that effective teamwork is essential to fulfilling our purpose.
  • That we continually strive to learn both as an organization and as individuals so that we are positioned to create value.
  • That we continually plan for the future so that we can control our destiny instead of letting events overtake us.
  • That we make all decisions in light of what is right for the good of the whole company rather than what is expedient in a given situation.
  • That our customers are the only reason for the existence of Buckman and, to serve them properly, we must supply services and products which provide economic benefit over and above their cost.
  • That we must apply creativity to everything we do.
  • That we must use the highest ethics to guide our business dealings to ensure that we are always proud to be a part of Buckman.
  • That we will discharge the responsibilities of corporate and individual citizenship to earn and maintain the respect of the community.
  • As individuals and as a corporate body, we must endeavor to uphold these standards so that we may be respected as persons and as an organization.
Mission Statement

We, the associates of Buckman, will excel in providing measurable, cost-effective improvements in output and quality for our customers by delivering customer-specific services and products, and the creative application of knowledge.


Every business practice at Buckman will sustain the health and well-being of people, the financial prosperity of our company, and the wholesomeness of the environment we all depend on. We make this commitment to ensure that future generations can achieve a quality of life that is the same as or better than our own.

Buckman's commitment to sustainability is manifested in four areas: the quality of our work, the safety of our people, the support of our communities, and the protection of our environment.

  • All efforts are aimed at consistently meeting customer expectations.
  • We actively seek out and listen to the needs and concerns of customers, suppliers, and associates.
  • Buckman quality values and objectives are shared with all customers, suppliers, and associates.
  • Quality is achieved through people.
  • Each associate is empowered and expected to assume responsibility for customer satisfaction.
  • Every associate will abide by Buckman's corporate Code of Ethics in relentless pursuit of this goal.
  • Contributions to quality and customer satisfaction are continually recognized.
  • Management demonstrates its commitment to quality through personal example and dedication of time and resources.
  • Procedures and standards are provided to ensure consistent performance. All associates are challenged to review and improve them. Continual improvement is ensured when incremental advances and breakthroughs are implemented at all times.
  • We measure performance to judge progress. Our business processes are compared with examples of excellence.

Buckman recognizes that excellence in safety is crucial to our long-term success. We will ensure that research, manufacturing, administrative, and marketing activities will be accomplished without harm to our associates, to our customers, to the public, or to the environment.

Our golden principle is that all occupational injuries and illnesses can be prevented. To this end, we have set forth the following management principles:

  • Managers are ultimately responsible for the safety of the people they manage, their customers, and the public.
  • Managers will seek involvement by their associates in the elimination of hazards in the workplace.
  • Safety education is vital to working safely. Everyone must be trained again and again.
  • Safe behavior is a condition of employment.
  • Safety will take precedence over expediency or shortcuts.
  • Every attempt will be made to reduce the probability of incidents.
  • Safeguards will be provided to ensure safe working conditions.
  • Safety audits are a must. All deficiencies must be corrected promptly.
  • Where appropriate, safety standards will be set and should be reviewed annually.

Buckman is committed to being actively engaged in our communities and seeks to:

  • Educate our youth through support for schools, tutoring and mentoring, and skill development.
  • Support volunteer service organizations that feed the hungry, promote health, and minimize the pain caused by natural disasters.
  • Support local recreational, social, and environmental initiatives.
  • Maintain a diversified workforce.

Buckman and its associates will strive to consistently achieve and maintain the highest standards of environmental protection.

Buckman is continually improving our environmental management practices, educating our associates in sound environmental procedures to ensure the responsible management of chemicals, and complying with environmental laws and regulations as well as our own high corporate standards. Buckman strives to:

  • Implement appropriate environmental standards promulgated by national and international organizations.
  • Conduct all of our business operations in such a way as to minimize any risk of adverse impact on the community and the environment.
  • Foster openness and dialogue in responding to community concerns about chemicals and their use.
  • Advise customers on the safe handling, use, and fate of our chemicals.
  • Work diligently to resolve environmental issues that may arise from the handling, use, and fate of our chemicals.
  • Develop and maintain emergency preparedness plans in cooperation with government officials.
  • Manage natural resources to achieve their efficient use throughout our operations.
  • Evaluate and, where appropriate, use technology in a timely fashion to enhance our environmental stewardship.
  • Consider our suppliers' environmental performance when making procurement decisions.
  • Assess environmental performance through periodic management audits.
  • Review and take into account environmental performance when determining compensation of general managers, plant managers, product and process development managers, and other appropriate associates.
  • Share our environmental expertise with our suppliers, customers, and community and empower them to be sustainable in their own lives and work.
  • Pursue awards and recognition that acknowledge environmental excellence and leadership.

Buckman continually seeks to identify and eliminate operational emissions to the air, water, and land.

To achieve our goal, we will:

  • Determine on a regular basis the level of operational emissions of our manufacturing plants and estimate the operational emissions resulting from the contract manufacture of Buckman products.
  • Set and aggressively pursue objectives for continual reduction of operational emissions, giving priority to higher-risk emissions.
  • Make having a 'zero negative environmental impact' a high priority when designing new processes, introducing new products, and making capital investment decisions.
  • Use, in order of preference, source reduction, recycling, and treatment to reach our goal.
  • Report regularly to the Board of Directors progress in the reduction of operational emissions.

The most exciting part is still to be written.
Since 1945, Buckman has played an important part in the evolving history of not only chemistry itself, but of all the industries we serve. What started as one 50-gallon process vessel and four employees has become a global business employing 1500 people around the world. The most exciting part is still to come. The part that includes you. Our future together. And the accomplishments we'll make as a team.