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Bucon Industries B.V. high quality, highly flexible, standardized storage system for potable water, wastewater, industrial water, irrigation and many other . The basis of this unique system consists of a metal panel that is reinforced by a special wave profile into a light but extremely strong construction element using a specially developed production process. This production process is innovative as it allows corrugating panels with a thickness of 0.6 up to 2.5mm. This means that each construction can be assembled “stand-alone” without the need for extra reinforcement. Flat or curved corrugated panels can be provided according to your design and application requirements. FLEXbuild enables the realization of smart, practical, cost-effective and sustainable prefabricated metal construction solutions, anywhere in the World.

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Morseweg 19 , Leeuwarden , Friesland 8912 BG Netherlands

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Water and Wastewater - Water Storage
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Diversity of shape variety of application
The corrugated elements are connected by a simple but flexible system of nuts and bolts.
This frees the user’s creativity to produce round, oval, rectangular or square prefab systems and buildings.

Smart packaging Easy transportable
All concepts are compactly packaged in a way that allows them to be loaded with utmost economy of space into a container. These systems can be delivered from Rotterdam port to any location in the World.

Prefabricated multi - functional
All systems are designed as DIY kits and can be placed on the ground directly, without the need for concrete foundations. They can be dismantled easily and relocated, so that they remain useful for many years.

A newly developed production line produces a special profile (76 x 20 mm) in 16 steps which provides extremely

In four steps the production starts with decoiling, profilling, punching holes and cutting the corrugated sheets in standard lengths of 1500 mm 2300 mm or 3050 mm or any other length on request.

The metal coils are produced specially for FLEXbuild applications to ensure high quality, strength durability and long life span.

In cooperation with Voest Alpine in Austria, we can now make our plates with a steel grade of S 350 GD instead of the popular S 250 and S 280

The metal panels are covered with two unique coatinigs