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  • Assessments and Audits Services

    Assessments and Audits Services

    Concerns About Compliance? Has your organization recently been fined for violating the dangerous goods regulations? Shipping dangerous goods can be challenging, especially when first getting started.  BDG offers daily consulting rates in which one of our knowledgeable regulatory specialists will come on-site to your facility and provide a full audit of your facility and processes.  Upon conclusion of the audit, your team will be provided...

  • Risk Management Services

    Risk Management Services

    Many common chemicals found in businesses today may appear harmless, but if employees do not understand the risks - store them incorrectly, add heat, moisture or mix them together - they can become deadly. To be sure that you are using, storing and handling dangerous goods within your business in a safe manner, you need to understand the properties of various chemicals found within your business. Failing to manage the risks can have dramatic and...

  • Regulatory Technical Support (RTS)

    Regulatory Technical Support (RTS)

    The BDG team is here to assist you with overcoming regulatory roadblocks and guiding you through the regulations. We know that dangerous goods regulations can be intimidating and challenging which is why our team of regulatory specialists are here to help.  We offer hourly rates for Regulatory Technical Support (RTS) to assist with various regulatory questions that may come up while handling dangerous goods.