C. F. Nielsen A/S

C. F. Nielsen A/S

Leading manufacturer of Briquetting Presses. C. F. Nielsen A/S was founded in 1889 and is today a modern and well-consolidated company. With more than 60 years of experience producing briquetting equipment C. F. Nielsen A/S is one of the pioneers in the industry and is today a world leader in this field. Our experience is based on designing and developing many different types of briquetting solutions ranging from hydraulical and mechanical presses to complete turnkey solutions. For inquiries: Please e-mail us at sales@cfnielsen.com or call us on 45 98337400

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Solbjergvej 19 , Baelum , DK-9574 Denmark
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Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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CEO Mogens Slot Knudsen

More than 70 years of briquetting experience...

World leading briquetting machine manufacturer...

C.F. Nielsen A/S was established in 1889 and is today the world leading manufacturer of mechanical briquetting presses.

We supply briquetting solutions all over the world for production of industrial type of briquettes for use in big boilers at heating plants etc. and log type briquettes to be used in fireplaces and ovens by private consumers.

The raw material is wood waste and other biomass products.
We have several hundred briquetting presses in operation spread over all 5 continents.


At C.F. Nielsen, we work closely with our customers to ensure that our solutions meet their future demands and expectations. 

This philosophy, combined with supply of briquetting machines for many different applications, enables us to constantly innovate and adapt our machines to the latest market requirements, so that we can continue to deliver the strongest and most efficient briquetting machines in the world. 

Advanced 3D design software is used in our Engineering Department. 

State of the art Control Systems 

Our unrivalled control systems, featuring touch screen panels, PLC hardware and internet access, is available in several versions and standard on all C.F. Nielsen mechanical briquetting presses. 

Quality in Manufacturing 

We manufacture most components for our systems internally to maintain a high quality for all vital parts. 

Our high-tech production machinery is efficient and state-of-the-art enabling us to make heavy demands on our production in terms of profitability and quality. 

By producing all the components ourselves we can secure prompt delivery of machines and spareparts. 

We have full control of how the parts are produced, thus ensuring the unparalleled C.F Nielsen A/S quality. 

Customized production 

Presses for our customized solutions are built to order based on our unique modular design. 

Our service engineers assemble the machines at our factory and travel afterwards to the customers site to install and commission the equipment including on-site training of local operators and maintenance staff. 


As a modern production company we are highly flexible and happy to adapt our systems to meet our customers' specifications and requirements in line with the market development in general.

Our machines have been sold to most parts of the world and today C.F. Nielsen has presses on all 5 continents.
The map shows examples of where our machines have been sold.

Worldwide sales activities
Many of our installations are sold directly to customers. Others are sold in cooperation with more than 50 agents and distributors all over the world.

Visit to reference plant
Please contact us if you would like to see a C.F. Nielsen briquetting press in action and we will arrange a visit to a reference plant.

One of our sales representatives or project managers are always ready to contact you for follow-up and a visit to your company in order to prepare an optimal briquetting solution according to your needs.

Test briquetting
We also offer to perform a test briquetting based on your relevant raw material to convince you about the quality and performace of our presses. In order to do this you have to send us a 300 - 1000 kg of you raw material in big-bags to our test facilities at our factory in Denmark.

Seeing is believing
It would be a good idea to combine your visit to a reference plant with a visit to our factory.


C.F. Nielsen a/s was founded in 1889, when Carl F. Nielsen moved to Baelum and bought the local forge.

Carl F. Nielsen was an ambitious man, who soon realized that he needed to add new activities to his business and a few years after founding the company he started the production of cast iron.

Some of the products manufactured during these years were stoves, wood burning stoves and windows for stables.

During the thirties the foundry was closed, however, by then the company had already developed into an engineering company that produced a wide variety of machines.


R&D based on customer requirements
Through the development of machines, C.F. Nielsen a/s created a culture, which still exists today – development and production of machines in close contact with customers.

Examples of these developments are small windmills for farmers, petroleum motors, various types of pumps, boats, saws and presses for the industry, complicated tools for various industries and many more.

First briquetting press
In the early forties the company developed its first mechanical briquetting press. Over the years the range of presses has expanded considerably.

During the last decade the machines and accessories have been under continuous development.

Continued development
Today C.F. Nielsen a/s is one of the leading manufacturers, not only of briquetting presses, but also of complete solutions for briquetting.

Today the company continues to develop and produce machines and accessories for third parties.

No task seemed to be impossible for the company...


Family owned company for more than 100 years...
C.F. Nielsen a/s continued to be fully owned by the Nielsen family until 1998, when Henning M. Larsen acquired 50% of the shares. Two years later Henning M. Larsen became full owner of the company. Under his leadership the company continued to grow and expand internationally.

In 2007 Mogens Slot Knudsen and Dansk Kapitalanlæg A/S acquired C.F. Nielsen a/s. The new owners want to continue and intensify the positive development of the company and strengthen the company’s positions as one of the leaders in this field.

In 2007 Mogens Slot Knudsen and Dansk Kapitalanlæg A/S acquired C.F. Nielsen a/s. Later in 2007 Bogma AB was merged into C.F. Nielsen A/S of Denmark, and the name of Bogma AB was changed to CFN Bogma AB. Bogma AB was founded in 1939 and has been selling briquetting machines in Scandinavia and around the world since the beginning of the 80’es.

Together Bogma AB and C.F. Nielsen have sold close to 1000 briquetting machines around the world. CFN Bogma AB is today responsible for sales and service of the combined product program in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Sales outside the mentioned countries are handled by C.F. Nielsen A/S.

Present Ownership
C.F. Nielsen A/S is today owned jointly by Mogens Slot Knudsen, Managing Director and Henning M. Larsen, Chairman of the Board. The shares were bought from Dansk Kapitalanlæg A/S in 2011.

With the new ownership, the company has obtained a more focused approach on continuous development of the product program and international expansion.

Focus on reduction of CO2 emissions
During the past years there has been an increasing global focus on reduction of CO2 emissions and a strong focus on renewable energy, including bio fuels. These conditions have strongly influenced the company’s international expansion and today the company sells briquetting solutions all over the world.

In 2014 C.F. Nielsen is celebrating 125 years in business and 70 years in briquetting...

  • On February 19, 1889 our company was established by Mr. Carl Frederik Nielsen in Baelum, the town, where our company has been situated ever since.
  • We have established and maintained our position as a World leading pioneer in briquetting for the last 70 years…
  • The anniversary was celebrated through different events and activities during the year, where the following were the most important ones.

Anniversary day

  • On February 19, 2014 the anniversary date, there was an internal celebration in the company.

Open house

  • The open house arrangement on June 20th, 2014 was the main event and we will host an arrangement at our company showing the latest technology to our business connections, partners and our employees and previous employees.

Anniversary book

  • The same day an anniversary book about the company published.
  • The 125 year anniversary book includes information about the Nielsen family, the history of the company and the area including the products developed and manufactured over the years.
  • The book is 95 pages with many pictures and published in Danish and English.
  • The book will be distributed to customers and suppliers, as well as other business connections and employees in the company.


C.F. Nielsen A/S supplies complete briquetting solutions all over the world.  

Besides briquetting presses, we also offer other machines and equipment for waste extraction, dosing, sawing and packaging. 

We co-operate with suppliers of shredders, drying equipment and other machinery and equipment for turn-key solutions. 

Let us know about your plans, raw material situation, sales possibilities etc. and we will guide you through the complete process from start to finish. 

We will test your raw material at our testing plant, work with you and give our recommendations to make a lay-out in order to secure optimal production flow and high out-put. 

Our solutions include plants ranging from one briquetting press to an unlimited number of presses and additional equipment. Applications include plants for production of briquettes for industrial boilers and consumers based on raw materials ranging from all types of wood to agricultural residues.


Your wood waste, by-products, agricultural waste or other wastes, might not have any value to you, but your waste could possibly be used for production of consumer logs or fuel for industrial boilers. 

Success depends on many factors, of which the most 
important ones are: 

  • Is you raw material suitable for briquetting? 
  • The cost price of your raw material 
  • Your total production cost 
     important if drying the raw material is necessary 
  • The logistical costs 
     bringing the raw material to your production site 
  • The cost of shipping the briquettes to your customers 
  • The sales price you can obtain for your briquettes 

Briquettes versus Pellets 
Briquettes are an attractive alternative to pellets. - Learn Why 

Let our GUIDE help you make the right decisions..

Generally, we recommend that you sell your products locally, but export might also be an option. We have contacts to importers and distributors of consumer logs and power plants that use industrial briquettes and might be able to match you with a potential customer. 

Let us know about your ideas and let us test if your intended raw material is suitable for briquetting. 

Let us offer you a profitable solution to turn your by-products into valuable Bio Fuel.