Calix Limited

Calix Limited

Calix is a multi-award-winning Australian technology company that is developing new processes and materials to solve global challenges. The core technology is a world-first, patented `kiln` built in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria that produces `mineral honeycomb` - very highly active minerals! Calix is using these minerals, which are safe and environmentally friendly, to improve waste water treatment and phosphate removal, help protect sewer assets from corrosion, and help improve food production from aquaculture and agriculture with reduced anti-biotics, fungicides andpesticides. Calix`s technology has also been adopted overseas, where we are working with some of the world`s largest companies, governments andresearch institutions on CO2 capture.

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Level 1, 9-11 Bridge Street , Pymble , NSW 2073 Australia
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Using our unique, proven and proprietary processes, we offer a new approach that provides significant benefits to customers and partners in industries as diverse as Agriculture, Building & Construction, Energy and Water. Our products offer performance gains in all these areas, as well as substantial opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions.

Calix is an unlisted Australian public company with over 200 shareholders including local and international investors. Founded in 2005, Calix has committed more than $40 million to commercialise its unique and proprietary technologies and processes.

Today, Calix is moving into full-scale production through its own facilities and in conjunction with partners. Calix is an integrated company owning mineral resources, processing facilities and joint ventures with downstream product manufacturers. This enables Calix to manage the full production lifecycle, from the extraction of minerals through to their processing and sale as final products.

The origins of Calix began in 2005, bringing together innovative flash calcining ideas.

Calix started with the establishment of a research and development facility at Jacobs Well in Queensland, where it carried out successful batch processing on a wide variety of minerals.

Calix moved on, raising more capital to build a new mineral processing facility known as CFC850 at Bacchus Marsh, some 40 kilometres north-west of Melbourne in Victoria. The new CFC850 Calciner allowed Calix to continuously calcine a range of minerals, with the potential and in some cases realised ability to capture and store the released CO2 from the calcination process.

This also gave Calix the opportunity to design and build a larger scale calciner, the CFC15000, to deliver a full range of calcined powders to customers on a commercial scale.

In addition to producing calcined powders for sale to Calix's commercial customers, the commercial CFC15000 Calciner will also serve as a demonstration plant to showcase our operational capabilities and a functioning calciner in action.

Calix aims to become the world leader in delivering innovative sustainable solutions to help reduce global CO2 emissions, one of the greatest challenges of our time.

“Our vision is to use our transformative technology to create sustainable industries”.

Innovative processes, products and people are required to deliver real change. Calix is investing in all of these to put our vision into action.

A commitment to excellence combined with transformative proprietary technology provides the platform for sustainable earnings and business growth for Calix.

We develop unique solutions to solve our clients’ specific challenges. Flexible thinking helps Calix adopt its unique proprietary technology to create products and services that optimise the use of mineral resources.