Cambridge Sensotec Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of gas analysis instruments under the brand name Rapidox. Based in the UK, the company has an established worldwide distribution network and ISO 9001 accreditation. The Rapidox range includes bench mounted, rack mounted and portable analysers designed for industrial processes, quality control applications, environmental monitoring and research and development experiments. Powerful bespoke software is supplied with every analyser, providing users with many useful functions and features.Initially specialising in oxygen analysis, Cambridge Sensotec has since diversified and extended its product range into other gas analysis markets including SF6 gas monitoring. The company’s Rapidox SF6 gas analyser range is designed for many applications including the testing of high voltage gas insulated electrical equipment, medical monitoring and process gas analysis.

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29 Stephenson Road , St Ives , Cambridegshire PE27 3WJ United Kingdom

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Monitoring and Testing - Air Monitoring and Testing
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Mark Swetnam - Managing Director

Cambridge Sensotec Ltd was founded in 2000 by Directors Dr Mark Swetnam (Managing Director) and Donald Kings (Director of  Research), along with Victor Stekly (Chairman).  Both Mark and Donald have over twenty years’ experience in the field of sensors and electronics, previously working for Cookson Group developing a series of electrochemical sensors for the  molten metal applications. Victor brings experience to the team through  his role as the Managing Director of a highly successful international engineering company and more recently as Chairman of Clinked, a cloud based commercial communication solution.

Donald Kings - Technical Director

In its first ten years of trading Cambridge Sensotec has gone from strength to strength, developing into an international company with an established worldwide distributor network and gaining ISO 9001 accreditation. Initially the company specialised in zirconia sensors for measuring low ppm oxygen, particularly in vacuum applications. Having diversifed, the company now offers a large range of portable and bench mounted analysers which are designed for heavy industry, research and development and are popular within university laboratories. The Rapidox 2100 and 3100 series which succeeded the original 2000 and 3000 range, first launched in 2001, are highly regarded for speed of response, ease of use and value for money. A full data-logging software suite is supplied with every instrument, enhancing the usability of the range.

Cambridge Sensotec Rapidox Gas Analyser Production

The Rapidox range developed further in 2008 with the introduction of dual gas analysers for carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, followed swiftly by water (dewpoint) in 2009. Later that year the company launched its first electrochemical oxygen gas analyser as well as the specialist SF6 multi gas analyser. The Rapidox range is manufactured on site using local companies for the supply of circuit boards and wiring looms.

Cambridge Sensotec has developed close relationships with other companies in the field of gas detection, allowing the distribution of a wide range of products which complement the Rapidox range. Not only can the company supply ATEX approved personal gas detectors and fixed alarm systems, among other products, but also a range of analysers for the food (MAP), medical, diving and welding industries.

In 2010 the company launched a full calibration service with the help of a grant from the East of England Development Agency. Calibration gas bottles are still available to customers, as well as the in-house service, allowing Cambridge Sensotec to provide greater customer service.

In 2011, Cambridge Sensotec moved into a new and larger premises, allowing the company to expand its manufacturing and office space in addition to the acquisition of new staff members.

Cambridge Sensotec have since been awarded a Research and Development grant from the Technology Strategy Board. This drove the innovation and development of the new Rapidox 5100 and 6100 range of portable multigas analysers, enabling the company to reach new markets.

Cambridge Sensotec Rapidox Firmware and Software Engineering

As a global brand with products in use within industries and universities across the world, Cambridge Sensotec has developed a network of experienced distributors to provide customer support. Having been carefully selected and thoroughly trained in the service, repair and calibration of the products, they can provide a high quality and continuous service to customers.

The link at the top of the page will direct you to your nearest distributor of Cambridge Sensotec products. If you are unable to find a suitable distributor for your area, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help.