Cameco Corporation

Cameco Corporation

Cameco Corporation

Cameco is one of the world`s largest uranium producers accounting for about 14% of the world`s production from its mines in Canada, the US and Kazakhstan. Our leading position is backed by about 465 million pounds of proven and probable reserves and extensive resources. Cameco holds premier land positions in the world`s most promising areas for new uranium discoveries in Canada and Australia as part of an intensive global exploration program. Cameco is also a leading provider of processing services required to produce fuel for nuclear power plants, and generates 1,000 MW of clean electricity through a partnership in North America`s largest nuclear generating station located in Ontario, Canada.

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2121 - 11th Street West , Saskatoon , Saskatchewan S7M 1J3 Canada
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Service provider
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Globally (various continents)
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Cameco's Vision and Values

Cameco will be a dominant nuclear energy company producing uranium fuel and generating clean electricity.

Our mission is to bring the multiple benefits of nuclear energy to the world.

Our goal is to be the supplier, partner, investment and employer of choice in the nuclear industry. We already stand apart as a quality investment with a proven track record and considerable strengths. We are recognized as a global leader in corporate social responsibility and are committed to doing what's right for:

  • a safe, healthy and rewarding workplace,
  • a clean environment,
  • supportive communities and
  • outstanding financial performance.

These four measures of success will determine our future growth and long-term standing as a responsible corporate citizen in everything we do.

Our decisions and actions are guided by our values:

Safety and environment

The safety of people and protection of the environment are the foundations of our work. All of us share in the responsibility of continually improving the safety of our workplace and the quality of our environment.

We are committed to keeping people safe and conducting our business with respect and care for both the local and global environment.


  • promote and support a strong safety culture
  • strive to be a leader in safety and environmental practices and performance, which includes timely, accurate and transparent reporting
  • manage risks to levels as low as reasonably achievable
  • prevent pollution
  • comply with and move beyond legal and other requirements
  • reduce the likelihood of accidents and emergency situations and maintain plans to mitigate their impact
  • actively seek and incorporate the input from workers, local communities and other stakeholders on the impacts of our activities and our overall performance
  • continually improve the efficiency of our resource and energy use, management of wastes and tailings, and reduction of land disturbances, air emissions and discharges to water
  • use science and innovation to drive our efforts at continual improvement
  • conduct safety, health and environment assessments that consider social and cultural values and are designed for closure before proceeding with new operational projects

We value the contribution of every employee and we treat people fairly by demonstrating our respect for individual dignity, creativity and cultural diversity. By being open and honest we achieve the strong relationships we seek.

We are committed to developing and supporting a flexible, skilled, stable and diverse workforce, in an environment that:

  • attracts and retains talented people and inspires them to be fully productive and engaged
  • encourages relationships that build the trust, credibility and support we need to grow our business.


  • recruit the best people who will understand and share our vision and values and who can help us effectively carry out our mission
  • manage talent in relation to business needs
  • manage employees' performance constructively so they can work to the best of their abilities
  • establish clear responsibilities and accountabilities for every employee
  • offer competitive compensation and benefits
  • develop leadership skills at all levels that reflect our corporate values, competencies and behaviours
  • recognize employee contributions
  • encourage creativity and sharing of ideas
  • promote and support continuous learning and career development
  • provide a safe and healthy working environment that is free from harassment and discrimination
  • promote and support healthy lifestyles
  • promote an inclusive and diverse workplace and respect cultural traditions in communities where we operate
  • provide flexibility to help employees balance work and personal commitments effectively
  • provide transparent and consistent employee programs and policies
  • respect our employees' privacy

Through personal and professional integrity, we lead by example, earn trust, honour our commitments and conduct our business ethically.

We are committed to acting with integrity in every area of our business, wherever we operate.


  • are a leading, socially responsible corporate citizen, maintaining positive and open relationships wherever we operate
  • manage our operations responsibly, and accurately measure and report our performance publicly
  • conduct ourselves ethically and with integrity, upholding our code of conduct and ethics and honouring our commitments whether written or oral
  • contribute to the economic and social development of local communities where our facilities are located
  • respect human rights wherever we operate
  • publicly disclose complete, accurate and balanced information on a timely basis
  • prepare and disclose our mineral reserve and resource estimates objectively
  • reflect all business transactions completely and accurately in the company accounts
  • refuse to support any activities that involve bribery or corruption
  • compete fairly and ethically
  • allow only responsible and appropriate use of our assets
  • secure and manage corporate information with integrity
  • carry out practices to prevent and detect fraud and do not tolerate it in any way
  • meet or exceed all laws, regulations and other requirements that apply to us

Our board of directors has provided these value statements to ensure we continue to uphold our values. Together these values form the foundation of our culture. By pursuing them, we attract and retain top talent, earn the trust of our stakeholders, manage risks effectively, and ensure the long-term competitiveness and sustainability of our operations, all for the purpose of adding shareholder value.


Our exploration program is directed at replacing mineral reserves as they are depleted by our production, and ensuring our growth beyond 2018. We have maintained an active exploration program even during periods of weak uranium prices, which has helped us secure land with exploration and development prospects that are among the best in the world, mainly in Canada, Australia, Kazakhstan and the US. Globally, our land holdings total 3.7 million hectares (9.3 million acres). In northern Saskatchewan alone, we have direct interests in 584,000 hectares (1.4 million acres) of land covering many of the most prospective exploration areas of the Athabasca Basin. Many of these prospects are located close to our existing operations where we have established infrastructure and capacity to expand.

For properties that meet our investment criteria, we will partner with other companies through strategic alliances, equity holdings and traditional joint venture arrangements. Our leadership position and industry expertise in both exploration and corporate social responsibility make us a partner of choice.