Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC)

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  • Camfil Dust Collectors & Oil Mist Collectors

  • Farr Gold  - Dust Collectors

    Farr Gold - Dust Collectors

    The Farr Gold Series cartridge dust and fume extractor combines enhanced performance with ease of service while cleaning the work environment of irritating dust and fumes.

  • Handte Oil Expert - Oil Mist Collectors

    Handte Oil Expert - Oil Mist Collectors

    The Handte Oil Expert oil mist collector uses a modular, user-friendly design to provide a high-end solution for high-efficiency oil mist separation. Got pure oil? Neat Oil? Call in the Expert!

  • Handte  - Model EM Profi  - Mist Collector

    Handte - Model EM Profi - Mist Collector

    The Handte EM Profi mist collector uses a modular, user-friendly design to provide a high-end solution for high-efficiency emulsion (coolant) mist separation.

  • HemiPleat - Dust Collector Filters

    HemiPleat - Dust Collector Filters

    HemiPleat dust collector filters collect more dust, pulse better, last longer and save money. No matter which dust collector you have, the HemiPleat filter can improve its performance.

  • Retrofit Filters

    Retrofit Filters

    Retrofit Filters to Fit Competitive Dust Collectors. Improve the performance or solve problems of existing dust collector systems with HemiPleat replacement filter cartridges.

  • Camfil DuraPleat - Washable Spun-Bond Filters

    Camfil DuraPleat - Washable Spun-Bond Filters

    DuraPleat media is made of 100% spun bond polyester in a pleated design that combines the best of both worlds: the high efficiency of pleated media and the versatility of synthetic materials. DuraPleat filter cartridges are for Farr Gold Series dust collectors for standard duty as well as medium temperature applications.

  • Accessories

  • Touch Screen Controller

    Touch Screen Controller

    The Farr Gold Series Touch Screen Controller is designed for ease of use and offers full monitoring and control of all functions of your dust collector and associated equipment. The device is equipped with a touch screen user interface that allows access to all of its functions. A built in differential pressure sensor monitors the primary filter pressure drop. Four analog inputs can be used to monitor the secondary filter along with other devices such...

  • Farr Dust Collector (FDC) Controller

    Farr Dust Collector (FDC) Controller

    The Farr Dust Collector (FDC) Controller's flexible design allows it to be adapted to many dust collector configurations. The Timer Control Module will sequentially pulse up to ten outputs in 'On-Demand' mode, based upon the Pressure Switch closure on the Pressure Differential Meter. If more output capability is needed, up to 980 additional outputs can be controlled with multiple Expander Modules connected to the controller. Furthermore, the...

  • Integrated Control Panel

    Integrated Control Panel

    All-in-One Control Package: Let Farr supply you with a complete dust collector system by pre-engineering the control package.

  • Smart Solenoid Controller

    Smart Solenoid Controller

    Simplifies Pulse Cleaning of Filters: The cost-saving Smart Solenoid STR Controller is for applications where dust collector filters are pulse-cleaned based on timed intervals. The timer controls that regulate pulsing are embedded within the solenoids, eliminating the need to wire a remote timer board to the solenoid tray.

  • Model VSD - Pressure Controlling Systems

    Model VSD - Pressure Controlling Systems

    Camfil Farr APC pressure controlling VSD systems for energy efficient and well functioning extraction systems. The system is designed to in connection with the Camfil Farr dust collector control systems operate the fan/pump at the right speed, by controlling the pressure in the suction system.

  • Dust Collector Explosion Vents

    Dust Collector Explosion Vents

    High Performance Explosion Vents For Industrial Dust Collectors: Prevent and safeguard against potentially lethal factory dust explosions with the Farr Gold Series dust collector, now equipped with 'X-vent', our newly designed dust collector explosion vent.

  • Self Dumping Hopper

    Self Dumping Hopper

    The Self-Dumping Hopper simplifies the disposal of dust captured by cartridge-style dust collection systems. Easier to use than conventional barrels or collection drums, the hopper is offered in two capacities (1 cu. yd. and 2 cu. yd.) and is ideal for a full range of dry dusts, including those that must be reclaimed or recycled after the collection process.

  • Farr Arm

    Farr Arm

    A Powerful, Proven and Highly Flexible Extractor: The Farr Arm is available in five models which, together with a wide range of accessories, give you almost unlimited opportunities to match its source capture capabilities to your needs. Its flexible joints make the hood easy to maneuver and locate in the right position. You can mount it on a ceiling, wall or bench, or on an extension bracket. The Farr Arm is also often used in combination with fixed...

  • Model 3P - Glide/Pack Two-Stage Side-Access Filter Housing

    Model 3P - Glide/Pack Two-Stage Side-Access Filter Housing

    The Camfil Farr 3P Glide/Pack® has set the standard for side-access housing integrity for over 20 years. With its integral universal final filter holding frame virtually all of the air seen by the filter will be treated by the filter.

  • Camfil - Model PM1 - Tracker

    Camfil - Model PM1 - Tracker

    For over 50 years Camfil has lead the way, striving to tackle air pollution and improve Indoor Air Quality in the quest to make clean air a human right. Unlike dirty water, air pollution is not visible and therefore we are often unaware of how good or bad our indoor air quality is. With the new innovative PM1 Tracker, Camfil is making the invisible, visible. Now, through this handheld device, you will be able to see your Indoor Air Quality within...