Campaign for Better Transport

Campaign for Better Transport

Our vision is a country where communities have affordable transport that improves quality of life and protects the environment. For 40 years, working with hundreds of thousands of inspiring people, Campaign for Better Transport has fought for better public transport, walking and cycling, for the sake of communities and the environment. An independent charity, we work by providing well-researched, practical solutions to transport problems, pressuring national and local government to adopt them, and empowering ordinary people up and down the country. We have had many successes. In recent decades we`ve helped to change the Government`s transport policy radically, away from building big roads and expanding airports and towards much more recognition of environmental and social impacts.

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Automobile & Ground Transport
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We envisage diverse communities across the country where people's needs are met locally so the need to travel long distances is reduced. This isn't just about where you live but also about communities with common interests or experiences, and how transport can help or hinder them.

People in communities should also have a say about how their transport is planned and run - particularly so that those who are less powerful or affluent (and who are less likely to own their own private car) can have their say too.


Transport is about more than private motor cars.

Our positive vision of transport includes all forms of public transport, walking and cycling.

For public transport our vision is co-ordinated and integrated services, good connections and top quality interchanges. Information is easy to find and understand, ticketing is integrated and simple and access to stations is easy for all forms of transport. Public transport services are frequent and reliable at all times of day and night.

Quality of Life

Decisions on transport too often put abstract notions of economic value ahead of people's well-being. Putting people first in the way we design and manage our streets is needed to end the severance of communities by busy roads, to reduce air pollution and enable healthier lifestyles through more active travel choices.


Income shouldn't be a barrier to accessing public transport. Sustainable transport should be competitively priced so it isn't cheaper to go by car or by plane.

Protect the Environment

The dominance of cars, lorries and planes threatens our environment. A well planned transport system is needed to meet our future needs and reduce carbon, but also protect our landscape, biodiversity and cultural heritage.