Canadian Gas Association (CGA)

Canadian Gas Association (CGA)

Founded in 1907, the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) is the voice of Canada’s natural gas distribution industry. Our members are natural gas distribution companies, transmission companies, equipment manufacturers and other service providers. Canadian natural gas distribution companies deliver natural gas to approximately 6.8 million homes, schools, hospitals, places of worship, to meet their energy needs. Combined this represents almost one-third of all the energy needs in Canada, coast to coast to coast. By our estimate that is well over 20 million Canadians who currently have the opportunity to benefit from the safe, clean, reliable, abundant, and affordable energy service that natural gas utilities provide.

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About the Industry

For more than a century, natural gas companies have been meeting the energy needs of Canadians across the country. Building businesses one customer at a time, these utilities have grown their service areas (marked in the colour-coded map below) to include over 450,000 kilometres of transmission and distribution pipeline, as well as above ground and underground storage facilities. This infrastructure has played an important role in helping Canadians achieve our quality of life: because it has delivered affordable energy. That has meant significant savings for consumers in their pocket books, and it has meant growth for our economy as investors have been attracted to our markets’ low energy input costs. In other words, affordable natural gas has spelled opportunity for Canada.

Today, technological innovation is delivering an incredible abundance of natural gas to the Canadian marketplace, making this resource more affordable still, an attribute even more noticeable in the face of rising costs for other energy commodities and services. This means the opportunity has gotten even better. Canadian utilities have begun to seize it, by starting to build out on the existing pipe system, and complement it with enhanced compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquified natural gas (LNG) facilities for more uses in communities, more industry, and in the transportation sector.

About Natural Gas
  • Natural gas is a naturally occurring petroleum found in the sedimentary basins. Natural gas consists primarily of methane, with lesser amounts of ethane, propane, butane, pentanes and heavier hydrocarbons.
  • Natural gas is produced by bringing it to the surface using wells. Gathering systems bring the natural gas to processing plants.
  • Natural gas is transported by pipeline from processing plants in producing areas in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to distribution pipeline systems throughout Canada.
  • Natural gas is delivered to over 6.8 million Canadian homes, schools, hospitals, businesses and institutions by Canada’s natural gas distribution companies. By our estimates, that means over 20 million Canadians currently have the opportunity to benefit from the safe, clean, reliable, abundant, and affordable energy services that these companies provide. Click here to learn more about Canada’s natural gas distribution industry. 

 An essential part of our daily lives, natural gas heats our homes and businesses, drives industrial operations and growth, generates electricity, fuels vehicles and powers appliances and devices.  Today, Canada’s natural gas industry delivers smart energy solutions to more than 6.8 million homes, businesses and institutions.  Natural gas is growing in popularity because it is affordable, clean, versatile, reliable, and safe.

Natural gas is:

Dollar sign Affordable: For all energy users, any reduction in energy costs while enjoying the same or improved level of comfort, service or production output is a significant benefit. It means money in the pockets of consumers – for families in their homes, or for businesses to become more competitive and to expand and grow. In 2014, the average Canadian household spent between $1,510 and $4,633 to heat their home – with a savings of over $3,100 by choosing natural gas over other more expensive alternatives.
Abundant Abundant: Canada has more than 200 years of supply at current production levels. The affordability of natural gas in Canada is reinforced by the stable and growing supplies from across the North American marketplace.
Green Leaf Clean: Natural gas is an efficient and clean burning energy choice with fewer emissions than many other fuels. As well, natural gas is an important partner for renewables and emerging low emission technologies. Further, and of particular concern in the North, in case of a leak, natural gas dissipates in the air avoiding damage to the ground.
Safety worker Safe: The natural gas distribution industry is committed to the safe, secure, reliable, and environmentally responsible delivery of natural gas to customers. Natural gas delivery systems are designed, built and operated to equal or exceed the highest codes and standards. As well, our industry believes its behaviors and actions must be continuously enhanced to address the changing expectations of consumers, the public, our workers and the regulatory community.
Reliable: Over 450,000 kilometres of underground transmission and distribution infrastructure and storage facilities have been built out to bring natural gas across the country to customers. The natural gas distribution and transmission sector currently has nearly $30 billion invested in this extensive Canadian national network.

 CGA membership provides a powerful communication tool, a voice to decision makers, links to related organizations, and the opportunity to help shape the future of the North American energy industry.