CANTEK Group was founded in 1991 in Antalya, Turkey by mechanical engineer Can Hakan Karaca, also the Chairman of the Board at Cantek. In just 28 years, CANTEK has grown to become an internationally acclaimed brand and a pioneer in the global market of cooling systems, having gained and maintained momentum in its continuous success and growth since the day it was founded. CANTEK has become the most reliable and preferred solution partner in turnkey cold storage and meat processing facilities for prestigious public and private corporations in more than 55 countries, with an increasingly rising number everyday. Thanks to its experience in international markets, qualified employees and strong business partners, Cantek has always managed to achieve stakeholder happiness in all its projects. Thanks to its investments in R&D activities based on the high priority attached on developing new technologies, Cantek is now among Turkey?s small number of companies exporting technology to the world.

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Organize Sanayi BOlgesi 2. Kısım 21. Cad. No:1 , Antalya , Turkey
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Air and Climate
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Globally (various continents)
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

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CANTEK developed smart cooling devices that maximise overall cold room performance and efficiency helping to maintain product quality as well as providing significant energy savings. Thanks to these devices, it started a new phase in the global cooling systems market through its software and hardware products, developed and produced entirely within the company’s in-house facilities, making CANTEK a leading brand in the worldwide market.  

CANTEK continues to grow and thrive getting its strength from developing and producing its technology and products internally under the Cantek trademark, and  establishing food processing facilities of all sizes anywhere in the world.

Slaughterhouse and meat processing facilities
Having amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in 28 years, CANTEK continues to shape the food industry not only in cooling systems, but also in many other areas. Its slaughterhouses and meat processing plants, which are designed and established within the scope of Cantek’s manufacturing and contract services, provides perfect solutions for red meat, chicken and fish markets. Cantek facilitates access to healthy and affordable meat through its turnkey projects conducted by the experienced and expert staff y, and quality assurance exceeding global standards.

Turnkey food centres
CANTEK develops turnkey food centres in an effort to offer solutions for food security problems in cities and countries, and ensure that food products are used in the most sustainable and profitable way. These large-scale projects, which incorporate cooling and processing, play a significant role in turning agricultural produce into various food products before they are presented to our tables in the healthiest and affordable way.

Plant Factories
CANTEK conducted over 13,000 projects setting a new pace for using food products in the most efficient way, and has recently signed on an innovative venture. Plant Factories, based on Agriculture 4.0, whose R&D activities and full range of production are undertaken by CANTEK, enhanced its contributions to food industry.

Considered as the last revolution of global agricultural, plant factories are plant-growing facilities that allow the steady production of high quality, healthy and eco-friendly plants throughout the year in closed environments by using LED lighting and plant nutrients.  Their production system design, developed by CANTEK, allows for all-year round crop production anywhere, any time and independent of weather conditions. Grown without the use of any pesticides and fertilizers with green technologies, products are presented in a ready-to-eat format without washing.

Planet consciousness
Embracing a quality-focused service manner from production development to after sales and technical service to technological training, the company founded Cantek Foundation of Science, Culture and Education to make a contribution to creating a better world. In an effort to raise awareness on effective and efficient energy consumption, CANTEK undertook sponsorships for athletes, who have to use their energy efficiently. Furthermore, the company made a series of works with the title of “Producing Is Not Enough” including 13 books and related documentaries in order to help the awareness of food security become established particularly in developing countries.

CANTEK combines its approach of delivering integrated services to it solution partners with the goal of creating a fairer and better world, where everyone has an equal right to adequate nutrition, and works with the vision of becoming a worldwide pioneer in technology development, energy efficiency and ensuring food security.

“It is our goal to ensure that producers are rewarded for their efforts, and all countries thrive by using their own resources in the best way.”

Our Mission

CANTEK establishes integrated plants in food production, food processing and food storage in an effort to promote food security and ensure that energy is used efficiently. The company builds its values by cooperating with all its stakeholders.

Our Vision

CANTEK works for a better world and future, maintaining its awareness of corporate social responsibility by constantly seeking out the new and authentic, and produces innovative solutions with an emphasis on food security and energy efficiency.


The greatest threat to our planet is to believe that someone else is going to save it. We believe in a better world and a better future, and strive to give back more than we take from the world.

We bravely dive in life in order to push and overcome our boundaries and alternatives. By constantly learning, improving ourselves and enjoying every moment, we steadily develop the values we believe.

We seek success in kindness, and do not fear of stepping into the unknown. We constantly search for the new, better and authentic, and share what we learn and explore with the whole world.

We believe in the right to have access to healthy and affordable food at all times by everyone, and offer innovative solutions for “food security.”