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Carbon Masters

Carbon Masters helps organisations to measure, manage, reduce and report their carbon emissions. We are an international carbon management consultancy with offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Our overarching aims are to mitigate the impacts of climate change and to help organisations to survive and thrive in a low carbon world.

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Edinburgh Technology Transfer Centre, The University of Edinburgh, 3rd Floor, Alrick Building , Edinburgh , EH9 3JL United Kingdom
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Service provider
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Climate Change
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Globally (various continents)
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Carbon Guru for organisations is a robust enterprise-level carbon accounting solution which enables organisations to measure, manage and report their greenhouse gas emissions. It combines a web-based software platform developed by Ecometrica - leaders in greenhouse gas accounting software, with the carbon domain expertise of Carbon Masters to provide a cost effective, easy to use method for organisations to measure and report their GHG emissions.

How can it help you?

Carbon Guru for organisations can help you to achieve an accurate baseline of the carbon emissions arising from your organisation, which you can then report to regulators and stakeholders safe in the knowledge that you are doing so accurately.

Carbon Guru for Organisations & Products

These emissions are calculated through a simple yet powerful on-line software tool, developed by Ecometrica and accredited by the Carbon Disclosure Project, which:

  1. It is easy-to-use for people across your organisation
  2. Provides a reliable and comprehensive carbon footprint assessment, covering all three scopes within the GHG protocol performs all the appropriate calculations for you, ensuring the correct emission factors are used, significantly reducing the amount of effort required to gather the data and perform the assessment.
  3. Provides transparent methodology and an audit trail so you know exactly how the data is gathered and how it is used to calculate your organisational footprint.
  4. Can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, for example it can be used to carry out assessments on a monthly, quarterly and/or annual basis for maximum flexibility
  5. Can produce detailed reports with one simple click, into the exact format your organisation requires (including CDP, GHG Protocol, excel spreadsheets and graphs)
  6. Leverages cloud-based computing technology thus avoiding costly and time consuming integration with back office IT legacy systems has secure storage and reporting functionality
  7. Can be used to create carbon emission targets for your organisation and measure your progress
  8. Has built in quality assurance at every step using the climate change expertise of Carbon Masters. A Carbon Masters analyst will be with you every step of the way when using the software, fully ensuring quality-assured data and complete accuracy in results. Unlike many carbon-accounting tools which ask you to perform all your own calculations manually and do not verify your results, we individually approve each and every input, so you can be rest-assured that the results are 100% reliable.

Why choose Carbon Guru?

Not only does Carbon Guru for organisations provide you with an accurate and quality-assured assessment of your organisation’s emissions, it provides you with the information to develop an effective carbon management strategy aimed at reducing your organisation’s carbon impact, resulting in:

  1. Lower energy costs
  2. Increased efficiency
  3. Reduced financial risk
  4. reduced reputational risk

Carbon Guru for Communities

Carbon Guru for Communities, Universities, Schools and Colleges

  • A comprehensive “lifestyle” carbon emission management solution with specific application for communities within Universities, schools and colleges, as well as other defined groups, such as employee communities and in urban and rural areas.
  • This simple to use, web-based software tool can assist communities to establish an accurate baseline of carbon emissions arising from the lifestyle choices of community members.
  • Carbon Guru for Universities, schools and colleges provides a firm, reliable platform from which carbon reductions can be identified and suitable solutions put in place.
  • Carbon Masters’ assessment is totally comprehensive. It measures individual and total community carbon footprints, including the energy used in community buildings and homes, the emissions arising from food choices, plus those from travel and transport.
  • In addition this automated tool provides secure data storage and a reporting facility, so that communities can quickly and easily produce reports on the progress they are making on carbon reduction.