Carela GmbH

Carela GmbH

Carela GmbH

We develop and continuously enhance hygiene technologies and hygiene cleaning agents. Our core skills lie in the research, development, production and marketing of products, processes and technologies. Compliance with hygiene standards in the field of potable water – that is our strength, that is our commitment!. CARELA Water Hygiene is leading and known for cost-efficient, safe and responsible solutions. In the process, we want not only the better products or technology – we keep our eye on the whole: people, nature, resources. Our clear commitment to hygienic, perfect potable water and the environment.

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Schafmatt 5 , Rheinfelden , 79618 Germany
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Water Storage
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Globally (various continents)

Hygiene, energy and performance efficiency are the main focus at the CARELA Group.

korinexan industrial services

korinexan industrial services gmbh guarantees plannable system availability and enhances the life-cycle of industrial systems while significantly reducing the costs of energy and maintenance!

Heat exchangers, cooling circuits, water-bearing or liquid-bearing systems and installations are cleaned, regenerated, unblocked and/or disinfected by trained and skilled personnel. Deposits of all types are safely removed with products and processes suitable for the particular industry.

Heat exchangers, cooling circuits or pipes can block within a short time due to lime, rust and process-dependent deposits. Energy costs rise and losses in efficiency result. The innovative korinexan® industrial program guarantees a noticeable increase in efficiency and enhanced system availability.

The range of industrial and commercial products for the engineering and metal cutting industry comprises highly effective machine cleaning agents, de-greasing agents and corrosion protection all the way to cooling lubricants.

Ships & Marine

Whether merchant navy, passenger or navy ship: voyages on the high seas that take weeks require systems that work perfectly and autonomously, and this is ensured by the korinexan ships & marine division.

The floating vessel becomes the supplier of water and energy that is essential for the survival of the crew and passengers. This requires regular professional checks of the systems. Only faultless cooling circuits, heat exchangers and freshwater systems deliver the operational sterilityto guarantee cost efficiency and enhancement of performance and ensure health.

The focus of attention of all activity at the CARELA Group is customer satisfaction. Our Integrated Management System for Quality (DIN EN ISO 9001), Environment DIN EN ISO 14001) and Work Safety (SCC++) guarantees efficient business processes for the satisfaction of our customers, business partners and employees. Within the framework of a 'continuous improvement process, these are continuously optimised.
We still place great emphasis on research and development: a strong, unflinching will to develop new processes, techniques and products has ensured our undisputed market leadership for many years.

Approvals in the areas of quality, environment and work safety for the entire CARELA Group:

  • Quality Management System certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 by TÜV Rhineland (official testing body)
  • Environmental Management System certified according to ISO 14001 by TÜV Rhineland
  • Certified according to SCC++ (Security Certificate- ontractors) by TÜV Rhineland
  • VDI 6022 and VDI 6023