Carrozzeria Chinetti S.R.L.

Carrozzeria Chinetti S.R.L.

Carrozzeria Chinetti S.R.L.

CHINETTI S.r.l., and this since 1953, designs, builds and assembles all kind of fire-fighting, rescue or special vehicles. Our vehicles are exported all around the world and thanks to our flexibility we are able to comply with any customer requirement; the datasheets or photos you will find within this website are only showing a part of our production; therefore please do not hesitate to contact us for any technical or commercial requests, quotations or other. The Company operates under a certified Quality Control System ISO 9001 since 1997.

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Via Prov. per Masciago 1 , Bedero-Valcuvia (VA) , 21039 Italy
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Fire Safety
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Globally (various continents)

CHINETTI s.r.l. was established in 1953 in Varese, North of Milan city.

The new company, active since 1976, has a building of 4000 m2 in Bedero Valcuvia, 13 km North of Varese, where both the production plant and the offices are located. The production is equipped with modern devices and machines, such as overhead travelling cranes, digitally controlled machines - the technical dept. with 2D and 3D CAD software, etc. The staff is well skilled and specialized, directed by 4 experienced engineers. The outdoor area includes facilities for functional tests either on industrial or municipal fire trucks as well as on airport rescue crash tender vehicles (fire fighting system testing area, tilt test, slope test, etc.).

From the very beginning Chinetti assembled fire fighting vehicles and special vehicles, but in its life it also has built overhead crane cabins (production now discontinued) and cabins for cable cars or similar (still in production)

Since Carrozzeria Chinetti has been established in 1953  it has been our main purpose to engineer, design, assemble, test and sell fire fighting vehicles as close as possible to the Customer's needs. There is not a simple product catalogue or a price list, but each unit or component is configured and designed to comply with the Customer requests and specifications.

For this reason we have our in-house Technical Dept. with all modern CAD systems (2D and 3D) to achieve a fast and effective engineering, a production and assembly dept. with advanced machines and a test ground area for vehicle final tests.

Every single vehicle is tested before the delivery and if the customer would like to, he is welcome to witness the Factory Test prior to delivery once the unit has been completed.

The Company is equipped with:

  • Water tanks with suction and delivery manifolds to test water pumps, monitors and fire fighting systems with flow rates up to 10'000 lpm.
  • Hydraulic platform for side tilting test up to 32° for vehicles up to 44 ton GVW.
  • 50% slope for gradeability test.
  • Articulation test blocks.
  • Using a testing facility within the neighbourhood to carry out acceleration, brake and top speed tests.
  • Scales for final vehicle weight tests, with the possibility to measure the weight on each single wheel (weight distribution), up to 10'000 kg/wheel (20'000 kg / axle)
  • Hydrostatic test devices to hydrostatically test tanks, pumps, etc.