Castor HR Consulting Ltd

Castor HR Consulting Ltd

Specialist in the operation and improvement of industrial water treatment systems. From my background in continuous industrial production, process troubleshooting and management in the paper and other industries I am developing a business where a strong technical base is used to evaluate and improve water systems. Non-specialist managers of plants often struggle to evaluate alternative approaches to changes in procedures, equipment or chemicals. From experience on all sides of these operations I am able to independently help to predict short-comings; design and monitor valid trials. I act as an arbitrator to manage expectations with practicalities. Agent for Rithco Airjec - Updated aeration for Dissolved Air Flotation to save most of the energy load. Specialities: Fresh water treatment, effluent water treatment, water plant optimisation, paper process optimisation, odour control, water plant financial optimisation, microbiological control in water systems, foam control, boiler water

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3 Amherst Road , Kenilworth , Warks CV8 1AG United Kingdom
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Consulting firm
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Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)
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Castor HR Consulting provides waste water management services to industrial customers. We provide consultancy  focused on solving the customer's specific plant problems. The components, consultancy, chemicals and service can be integrated into one package or supplied as separate functions.

Our inbuilt flexibility, with in-depth application experience, gives the customers of Castor the potential for detailed studies and advice to generate improvements in the efficiency and operational costs of running their process.

We are committed to conducting our business in a safe and ethical manner and all employees must hold a valid Safety Passport. We work together with our customers and suppliers to ensure all our products and services meet current Health and Safety and Environmental legislation.

Airjec Diffuser

Dissolved air systems used in DAF clarifiers are governed by the physics of air solubility in water. High flows of  water at high pressure are needed, requiring significant energy for the water pump and also the air compressor. Even under ideal conditions 1 cubic metre of clean water will only dissolve 100 litres of air (at 5 bar and at 30° C).

Additionally, the air solubility is dependent on a number of factors including temperature and water quality; meaning that poor quality clarified water can cause further flotation issues.

The Airjec Diffuser is a unique device for the formation of air micro-bubbles to replace conventional pressurized vessel aeration systems on flotation water clarifiers.

A relatively small flow of water is used to kinetically draw in air by suction from the surrounding atmosphere. The configuration of the mixing chamber is designed to form a bubble size distribution ideally suited to particle flotation.
Typically 1 cubic metre of clean water will carry 4 000 litres of air.

The kinetic energy of the water is independent of water quality; so, within some constraints, the aeration is not effected by suspended solids. This means that aeration is not reliant on good water quality removing the escalation of poor operation.

The system is designed to generate bubbles that are ideally suited to solids separation in clarifiers.

Using the different physics will save >80% of the aeration energy, removing the need for a compressor and greatly increasing the stability of operation.