CBE Polska

CBE Polska

We are a consultancy company that provides research reports, market analysis and advisory services. We specialise in issues, which are essential for the following industry sectors: energetics, fuels, gas, coal and the industry in the broad sense. We help make business connections and provide networking services to our clients from the whole world.

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Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Our services:

  • Providing reports, forecasts and analysis connected to the investment potential, risk management, development and restructuring of companies
  • Providing networking services
  • Advisory regarding investment processes, purchase, trade of best solutions and products for sectors mentioned above.
  • Advisory in field of company strategy- for both: companies from the sector as well as for the firms that plan the expansion of the Polish energy, gas and fuel sectors.

One of our activities is organizing educational events(workshops, conferences, business meetings) for professionals . Center for Business Education offers open business events and internal advisory events connected to personal team development as well as development of organisation.

Besides the specialistic workshops regarding: changes in regulations, technological aspects in production process, energy trade, fuel trade, we continuously organise events well known across Europe, such as:

  • Forum of Biomass Combustion
  • Smart Communications & Technology Forum
  • European Emission Trading Summit
  • The contest and the gala 'Titans of Energy'
  • Seminar 'Energy from waste'
  • IED Forum
  • Seminar 'Development prospects of cogeneration'

We've cooperated with institutional partners (European Commission, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Environment, Energy Regulatory Office, embassies, Custom Offices, RECS International, Association of Issuing Bodies etc.). We systematically analyse the market to identify the needs of our clients. We cooperate with leading companies and key players of each sector. Please check the list of our upcoming events and make use of our experts knowledge and experience.

Moreover, we own the portal www.spalaniebiomasy.pl. Via the portal we support pro-ecology actions and ventures and we try to provide the latest news from the Polish and global biomass market. We also analyse the market and update the information on the webpage in purpose to deliver the most essential news from the sector to our readers.

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