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Welcome to CBG, where we are dedicated to providing the best system to meet your solvent recycling requirements. We tailor our solution to meet your specific needs, all the while focusing on dependability, service and support. Since 1995, CBG has partnered with industrial manufacturers and laboratories to become eco-friendlier, meet sustainability objectives, increase production efficiency and decrease the economic impact associated with solvents used for various cleaning applications.

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30175 Solon Industrial Pkwy , Solon , Ohio 44139 USA
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Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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In the Solvent recycling equipment field, there may be a number of potential suppliers – and then there is CBG. There are many compelling reasons why you should source your solvent distillation equipment from CBG:

Safety. Safety is a critical concern for any potential user of solvent distillation equipment. We recognize that our equipment is heating potentially flammable solvents to boiling.

  • Our recycling equipment is certified by ETL to UL 61010 and 2208 standards for use in non-hazardous locations. We adhere to the stringent construction and testing requirements of these standards.
  • Our microprocessor and software governs a sophisticated set of safety controls that is among the most comprehensive in the industry.
  • In addition, most of our industrial solvent distillation models can be constructed to the enhanced safety standards of Class 1 Division 1.

Exceptional Customer Care. While we are justly proud of our solvent distillation equipment, our true differentiator is the level of customer care that we provide. Some competitors may offer a price-driven solvent recycler – but once the sale has been made, those sellers essentially disappear. Not CBG.

Made in the USA. Many of our North American competitors are only distributors of imported recycling systems – not manufacturers - who may not have the same commitment to customer care and the ability to respond to specific concerns about your solvent recycling equipment.

  • Our service team is tied directly to our manufacturing plant in Cleveland, Ohio. If your solvent recycling equipment malfunctions, the people who need to service it are the same people who helped to build it. We can draw upon the resources of our entire manufacturing organization to support your CBG solvent recycling equipment: Production, Service and R&D.

Strong Partnerships. For customers located outside of North America, CBG ensures that our solvent recycling equipment is distributed through a network of established local distributors with strong service capabilities.

Focus on Solvent Recycling Equipment  Many suppliers of solvent recycling equipment offer a broad range of equipment, such as parts cleaners and general industrial equipment. There are few that specialize in solvent recycling equipment, as does CBG.

  • Unlike most of our competitors who only offer simple distillation recyclers, we manufacture both a full range of simple distillation recyclers as well as a range of fractional distillation recyclers for more complex solvent distillation needs.
  • We can offer technical guidance and potential services on integrating our equipment into our customers’ processes.

Industry Expertise. While CBG certainly has a broad range of solvent recycling equipment to address the various solvent recycling needs of industrial facilities and laboratories, we offer a particular expertise for certain industries and solvent users.

High Quality Construction. Sure, there is “cheap” recycling equipment out there. But – you are purchasing durable equipment. You want your solvent recycling equipment to be operating not just next month – but also next year, and hopefully for the next 7 years or more

Government Support. As a GSA-approved equipment, maintenance/ repair and supplies vendor, we ensure compliance with U.S. federal contract regulations.

Recycling waste solvent allows operations to:

  • Save money and get a quick return on investment
  • Obtain higher quality solvents
  • Reduce liability related to solvent storage and waste disposal
  • Make workplace environment safer and cleaner
  • Comply with government and certification guidelines for waste reduction
  • Maintain a lower waste generator status

Cost savings occur through major reductions in solvent purchases, reduced waste solvent disposal costs and lower storage costs for both fresh solvents and waste solvents.

For some waste streams, our distillation systems remove water and other waste components that may be able to be disposed down the drain, directly saving you money, since the remaining concentrated waste has a much lower volume, resulting in significantly lower monthly disposal costs.

Waste solvent recycling also can increase your team's productivity: Reusing recycled solvent means you may reduce the amount of federal, state, and local Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) and Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) reporting you must provide, allowing employees to use their time more efficiently.

And recycling waste solvent keeps excess contaminants from entering water systems and damaging the environment.

Important reasons for you, our customer, to work together with CBG:

    • Product Designs - based on your application to meet your recycling, recovery and production needs, such as:
      • Parts Washing/Degreasing Applications
      • Essential Oil Applications
      • Laboratory Applications – Histology, Chemistry, Cytology and Sustainability

  • Flexibility – Ability to handle/process multiple solvent streams
  • Integration – CBG’s Parts Washing/Degreasing (PW) Series integrates directly into your production process and parts washing/degreasing equipment, eliminating labor costs and reducing maintenance cycles.
  • Value-Driven Solutions – which sustain themselves environmentally and economically with solutions based on your production needs and solvent use
  • Safe Solvent Solutions – such as Xylene (F83), Toluene (F66) and d-Limonene (F52) substitutes
  • Platform – CBG has the capability to program for more than one solvent stream, thereby improving your recovery capabilities and reducing your waste generation and waste disposal costs.
  • Service – from CBG certified employee technicians
  • Original CBG Parts – to meet your production requirements
  • Safety – UL2208 Certification on our equipment
  • Volumes – multiple series of our equipment from 6G to 60G for industrial applications, and 2.5G to 10G for laboratory applications – to meet your volume requirements – we can grow with you.

Thank you for visiting CBG‘s website. We hope that you find this production and service information beneficial toward your recycling efforts. If you have any questions or comments, please use our Contact Us page and a CBG representative will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Also, please take advantage of our Cost Savings Calculator to help determine how much savings can be achieved by recycling and reusing your solvents.