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CDG Environmental, LLC

Chlorine dioxide is an ultra-fast, broad spectrum efficient biocide for microorganism control in water systems. It is a powerful, low-dose, selective oxidizer with low corrosivity, operating over a wide pH range which does not produce chlorinated organics (THM’s, HAA’s) or chlorophenols and penetrates biofilms. Solution 3000 ready-to-use chlorine dioxide solution solves most of the problems inherent to traditional use of chlorine dioxide offering reliable operation; easily controllable for intermittent or variable dosing, no mixing of chemicals and rinses clean.

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301 Broadway, Suite 420 , Bethlehem , Pennsylvania 18015 USA
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Water and Wastewater
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CDG Environmental, LLC is an independent, privately owned firm based in Bethlehem, PA. Leaders in safe, stable & easy-to-use chlorine dioxide supply and generation, we are specialized in the delivery and precise application of chlorine dioxide, a powerful disinfectant and oxidant used by a number of industries.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of chlorine dioxide products and state-of-the-art process technologies, including GAS:SOLID ™ systems for the on-site generation of chlorine dioxide gas, and CDG SOLUTION 3000 ™ ready-to-use chlorine dioxide concentrate.

We provide expert technical support for our chlorine dioxide gas and solution products. Our capabilities extend beyond our own in-house staff, by virtue of close working relationships with world-renowned scientists, engineers, a network of highly regarded specialty laboratories.

Our clients include municipal water utilities, industrial companies and research & healthcare institutions, as well as civilian and military agencies of the United States Government.

Chlorine dioxide is a powerful, selective oxidizing biocide. It attacks microorganisms by disrupting the cell’s ability to create essential proteins. This oxidizing property makes chlorine dioxide an efficient and effective anti-microbial used for a variety of sterilization, disinfection and decontamination purposes in the food, beverage, water disinfection, industrial water treatment, and agriculture markets. First discovered in 1811, its anti-microbial properties have been known since about 1900 and it has been used in the United States to disinfect public drinking water for more than 70 years.


Chlorine dioxide is uniquely efficient in destroying biofilm, a matrix of slime and microorganisms that forms inside  water piping and causes human exposure to harmful pathogens. Not only can chlorine dioxide prevent the creation of biofilm, but it can also destroy and eradicate even the thickest and most established biofilm deposits. It also eliminates bacteria, viruses, parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Chlorine dioxide has also been demonstrated to effectively control Methycillin resistant Staphlyloccus Aureus (MRSA) and Legionella.

Chlorine and bromine, the traditional oxidizing biocides, offer some of the same anti-microbial properties, but can create toxic, undesirable by-products, fail to function efficiently at alkaline pH, and prove ineffective against harmful biofilm. They can also prove corrosive to industrial piping and machinery. Most non-oxidizing biocides are unable to penetrate biofilm and ineffective at removing established biofilm. Chlorine dioxide is unaffected by pH over a wide range, uniquely effective at destroying established biofilm, free of toxic or carcinogenic by-products, and capable of removing bio-contaminants from Anthrax to zebra mussels. In fact, chlorite and chlorate, two of chlorine dioxide’s primary by-products, both break down into chloride, or simple, harmless salt.

CDG’s unique SOLUTION 3000 ™ ready-to-use chlorine dioxide application has been approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in certified organic production, food processing, livestock handling and crop management. Chlorine dioxide’s unique properties permit it to be more effective than current oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocide technologies.

  • Chlorine dioxide effectively eliminates a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • It remains a dissolved gas in water.
  • It is effective over a wide pH range (4-9).
  • Unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide will eliminate blue-green algae.
  • It is singularly effective in targeting harmful biofilm.
  • It reacts almost instantaneously to quickly provide effective biocidal control or remove undesirable contaminants.

  • Cooling Towers
  • Membrane Protection
  • Agriculture
  • Food Processing
  • Legionella control
  • Waste Disposal
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Potable Water Treatment
  • Heat transfer systems