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CECO Environmental

After decades as a leading global provider of industrial engineered products and solutions, we’ve learned this: CECO Environmental provides cost effective Air Pollution Control Systems solutions for industrial air abatement and compliance. Businesses work with companies that give them confidence. CECO has a rich history of doing just that. We have earned our reputation for excellence by providing custom and standard RTO Thermal oxidizer, VOC Concentrator, Scrubber, Mist elimination, Dust Collection and particulate control technologies to optimize quality, reliability, total cost of ownership, and complex operating environments, while complying with stringent air abatement and VOC control regulations worldwide. www.cecoenviro.com

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14651 N. Dallas Parkway Suite 500 , Dallas , Texas 75254 USA

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Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Welcome to CECO Environmental
CECO Environmental is a world leader in clean air solutions for industries of all sizes in all sectors. For more than three decades, we have been providing innovative, custom engineered solutions for improving air quality in a wide range of industrial processes and applications. We are a full service air pollution control company, providing our services to industry through our twelve subsidiaries:

  • Kirk & Blum
  • Busch Co.
  • Adwest Technologies
  • CECO Abatement
  • CECO Filters
  • Fisher-Klosterman
  • AVC Specialists

Our capabilities include tackling the most complex OSHA, EPA, and process driven air handling and air pollution issues.

Clean Air Synergies
What makes us unique? The synergies of the individual companies allow the overall company to meet any industrial air quality needs of our customers. Using a solutions based approach to industrial air ventilation and air quality allows us to design, build and install complete systems to meet unique needs our customers may have as well as meet any government regulatory requirements. We are able to provide fiber bed filtration systems, high-temperature baghouse filter fabrics as well as on-site air quality monitoring and maintenance of equipment. Our engineers can design total plant ventilation systems, or revise an existing system. They can provide system analysis to ensure maximum operating efficiency and plant productivity and emissions testing to ensure compliance with the latest environmental regulations. We provide these service and products as a single dedicated source. We have also maintained a high level of customer satisfaction by keeping a 'small' company focus on individual product lines and customer segments.

Phillip DeZwirek, CECO's Chairman, comments that 'despite the economic slow-down and the public concern of global warming accompanied by the industry's awareness of the need to improve indoor and outdoor air quality has resulted in an increasing demand for CECO's all encompassing environmental solutions and products.'

Industry Firsts
CECO's ongoing reputation as an innovator can be attributed to a growing number of industry 'firsts':

  • First company in the United States to design a system to meet the 50 microgram/cubic meter lead standards, setting a new standard in the industry
  • Patented first industry oil mist collector in 1967 and 1972
  • Pioneer in engineering whole building ventilation for the flavorings industry
  • The first company to introduce modular shrouded, twin nested, fluted, quad, 'roughing' and site packed filters in fiber bed applications
  • The first company to utilize annealed media and Filter-In-a-Duct (FID) in fiber bed applications
  • The first company to introduce Catenary Grid® and Narrow Gap Venturi® Scrubber technology to deal with today's more stringent submicron particle collection regulations
  • The first company to use fiber bed filters for oil mist elimination in metalworking
  • The first company to introduce an engineered glass fabric designed to provided high efficiency collection and long life in high temperature, pulse-jet baghouses
  • The first company to introduce a point-of-use combination scrubber/filter system for semiconductor and other process applications

Most importantly, we are committed to saving customers time, money, and human resources - to ensure little or no process downtime and compliance with applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

At CECO we have earned our reputation for excellence by providing the best technologies, highest quality, and responsive customer service in each of our respective companies.

We have proven our ability to minimize both initial capital outlay and reduce operating costs in the design, installation, operation, monitoring, and maintenance of our own and other manufacturers air pollution control equipment while keeping focused on our primary goal...total customer satisfaction.