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  • Engineering

  • Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    CECO provides a range of Services and Solutions to owner-operators and EPCs in various segments of Oil & Gas, Energy and Electro-mechanical industries. With decades of experience and millions of hours of engineering excellence, we have qualified, experienced multi-discipline resources to execute projects from Concept to Commissioning. Our capability is strengthened by in-house infrastructure for design and fabrication of equipment and custom...

  • Brownfield Engineering & As-Built Engineering Services

    Brownfield Engineering & As-Built Engineering Services

    We have the capability to take up various brownfield activities including equipment replacement and upgrade, modifications, retrofitting, debottle-necking works for various process plant requirements. For any plant modification, expansion, relocation and plant as-built, we adopt 3D Laser scanning for quick, accurate and true plant data capture, using intrinsically safe 3D laser scanners and survey control targets. This...

  • Project Supply Services

    Project Supply Services

    CECO specializes in Sourcing, Procurement and Supply of material, equipment and packages for IOCs, NOCs and EPC contractors in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refineries, water & waste water and power generation sectors. With our procurement offices located across the Middle East, USA, Europe and Far East, we are able to provide a diverse range of regular and exotic products. Having worked on global projects and locations, our team understands the...

  • Digital Plant Asset Data Services

    Digital Plant Asset Data Services

    Transforming physical plants into a useful digital asset helps to achieve scalable, collaborative, integrative solutions that are digitally accessible to enhance the decision-making across the plant life cycle. We combine our rich domain expertise with latest tools in IT & Engineering and transform the plant data (from document centric) from any source into a fully integrated digital asset (data centric).

  • Engineering Skillset Services

    Engineering Skillset Services

    Our team of Engineers and associates are well versed with International Codes & Standards such as ASME, ASTM, API, AISC, BS, BIS, NACE, NEMA, ANSI, DIN etc.

  • CECO Peerless Skimovex - Produced Water & Oily Water Treatment Solutions

    CECO Peerless Skimovex - Produced Water & Oily Water Treatment Solutions

    Our Peerless brand’s Skimovex oily water technology is custom-designed to remove oil from water in applications such as: Production facility produced water (both on-shore and off-shore). Refinery effluent, Petrochemical tank farm drains and washdown water, Ballast water, De-salter effluent, Condensate, Cooling water, Tank draw-off, Injection water.

  • Assessments Services

    Assessments Services

    At CECO we solve a variety of complex problems for our customers. Our customers must meet a variety of ever changing requirements. Our CECO assessments help solve these ever changing problems and provide an implementation plan that our customers can follow for success. Our experienced CECO employees will begin with trending and recording a variety of parameters of system performance. As a CECO assessment customer, you can expect an experienced...

  • Commissioning Services

    Commissioning Services

    You have researched and planned for the new operational asset for your facility. Ensure this new investment is commissioned appropriately with the use of CECO commissioning services. Our experienced and trained technicians review installation and safety requirements prior to the startup of the new asset. Operational targets are aligned with original design to baseline the operational running of the asset. The proper commissioning of your investment...

  • Insulation Services

    Insulation Services

    Let CECO help with the installation of your new asset. We partner with you to provide technical support and engineering expertise. We start early in the buying process to help provide the information and oversight to appropriately plan for this important stage in the lifecycle of your new asset. Our experienced teams have installed CECO units all over the globe and are available on any size of project. It is our goal to ensure your new investment is...

  • Parts and Accessories Services

    Parts and Accessories Services

    Genuine parts from CECO are built with the same quality standards as the original equipment. CECO genuine parts are designed to the original equipment standards to maximize the efficiency of operation and provide maximum life expectancy. These genuine parts help ensure the reliability and availability of your CECO unit.  CECO genuine parts will help reduce the operating costs over the life of your asset. Minimize parts usage and higher operating...

  • Preventive Maintenance & Service Plans

    Preventive Maintenance & Service Plans

    Whether you have just invested in a new piece of equipment or you are operating an existing asset, a CECO preventative maintenance service plan will increase the reliability and reduce the risk and costs of unplanned maintenance and equipment downtime. Our plans are scheduled and planned around your specific application and operational needs. The maintenance plan is developed and executed by the original equipment manufacturer with years of...

  • Repair Services

    Repair Services

    CECO has thousands of operational assets around the world today that rely on CECO services for asset management. Our experienced and trained service technicians are available for a variety of different service offerings. From emergency repairs to planned service agreements you will realize improved asset availability for your operational needs when you call CECO services for your needs. Our service technicians are an integral part of helping you...

  • Retrofits Services

    Retrofits Services

    At CECO, we strive to help you optimize the total cost of operations for your asset. Whether you have a new production requirement, you are trying to extend the lifecycle of your asset, or you are looking for improved operational efficiency, CECO can provide a retrofit to your existing unit to fit your needs. Our talented design engineers will listen to your new needs and optimize your asset for its newly required operational design. Our CECO...

  • Integrated Process Air Solutions

    Integrated Process Air Solutions

    Manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities usually have industry-specific and application-specific requirements for their process air ventilation, fume capture and exhaust, product recovery, and emissions mitigation. These requirements necessitate custom, turnkey solutions that meet or exceed stringent environmental standards. Where...