CeramTec UK Limited

CeramTec UK Limited

CeramTec is an international Manufacturer and Supplier of Technical Ceramics. The Ceramic Experts offer a Portfolio with well over 10,000 different Products, Components and Parts, made of a Variety of engineered ceramic Materials. They are used in a wide Range of Applications. With a Tradition of more than 100 Years, more than 3,500 Employees are worldwide active at production sites in Europe, USA and Asia. Discover the World of Advanced Ceramics and one of the most powerful Materials of our Time.

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Antelope Park Bursledon Road , Thornhill , Southampton SO19 7TG United Kingdom
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Custom manufacturer
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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)

From the experts of advanced ceramics

CeramTec – The Ceramic Experts
With over a century of development experience and production expertise, CeramTec is a leading supplier of advanced ceramics and engineers these materials for use in a wide area of applications. The current portfolio covers well over 10,000 different products and a wide variety of ceramic materials. Worldwide, more than 3,500 employees are active at The Ceramic Experts.

This great application diversity is possible thanks to advanced ceramics, also referred to as technical ceramics, engineering ceramics or industrial ceramics. These terms cover a variety of different and in part highly specialized ceramic materials with unique mechanical, electrical, thermal and biochemical properties and property combinations.

Advanced ceramics from CeramTec, as an international manufacturer and supplier, are used in the Automotive Industry, in Electronics, Energy and Environmental Technology, Equipment, Mechanical, and Medical Engineering and in many other applications. Correctly selecting the required ceramic materials, adjusting and adapting Advanced Ceramics to meet the respective requirements in the field of application, and optimally designing and manufacturing parts and components to take advantage of the special material properties of ceramics are core competencies of the ceramics experts and specialists at CeramTec.

With more than 3,500 employees and production sites and subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia, CeramTec as manufacturer and supplier has a worldwide presence.

The CeramTec Group aims to achieve profitable, global growth while conserving energy and protecting natural resources. Our objective is to strengthen and advance CeramTec’s international leadership position. As a customer-oriented problem solver, we therefore focus on application consulting and on the development of innovative, competitive, and sustainable processes for realizing products consistent with specifications.

We have established a framework with reliable, risk-minimizing technical and organizational processes and creating an atmosphere of trust that fairly balances the interests of customers, business partners, employees and shareholders, as well as stakeholders such as the local communities and society in general. We conduct business according to a set of clearly defined management principles, which we review on an annual basis. The executive board of the CeramTec Group is committed to promoting compliance with these policies, to providing the resources that are required for implementation, and to conducting an annual review. For this, it will give an annual account (status analysis) regarding compliance with these management policies and will review the efficacy of the management systems once a year. As part of this process, special focus will be placed on considering specially-approved requirements and binding obligations of our customers, of society/the public, of the government agencies, of external interested parties, and of legislative bodies, as well as on constantly improving our management system and minimizing risks in our processes.

Products – We strive to manufacture and market our high-quality products in the most cost-effective, sustainable, safe and eco-friendly way while conserving resources, taking into account the lifecycle of our products.

Interested parties – All of our efforts center around satisfying the requirements of all of our interested parties.

Responsibility – When it comes to our products, operations and services, we act with a strong commitment to safety, health, the environment, and profitability. We comply with all applicable standards, laws, regulations, in-house rules and designated ethical principles as well as other obligations with regard to the context of the organization. Fair and ethical business practices apply both with respect to our employees and our business partners – from procurement and manufacturing through to delivery to our customers, all while considering the effects on society.

Quality – We plan, develop, implement, monitor and continuously improve all of our processes. We give reasonable consideration to the opportunities/risks of these processes. This applies to quality, work safety, health, environmental protection and energy management.

Goals – We set goals for ourselves for profitability, quality, safety, health and environmental protection based on these management policies while considering our strategic context and the most important requirements for our relevant, interested parties. We are also committed to long-term reductions in energy consumption and increasing our energy efficiency through continuous process improvement (CPI). We make information and resources available to meet these targets and constantly measure our level of success using key metrics to foster the growth of our business.

Employees – Having capable and responsible employees is important to us. We train our employees in ongoing courses focused on quality, work safety, health, environmental protection, codes of conduct and energy efficiency. We recognize successful performance of our employees and encourage them to excel. Every employee is responsible for doing his or her part to meet our quality, work safety, health, environmental protection and resource conservation targets.

Sustainability – For CeramTec, sustainability is a holistic concept for the future. In accordance with our corporate social responsibility policy and our code of conduct, we assume responsibility for our thoughts and our actions in economical, ecological and social dimensions. We follow guidelines and regulations that apply to all employees worldwide to ensure sustainability in all of our business operations.

The CeramTec Group has an industrial history that goes back over a century. It all started with the production site in Marktredwitz, Germany, which was established in 1903. The original product manufactured there was porcelain, which was later developed into industrial ceramics and finally into today’s modern, advanced ceramics. Today’s CeramTec resulted from the acquisition of Hoechst CeramTec AG by Cerasiv GmbH in 1996.

The Thomas factories (Thomaswerke) were founded at the Marktredwitz site in 1903, and taken over by Philipp Rosenthal & Co. AG in 1908. In 1921 they began cooperating with AEG in the development of technical porcelain. The two companies intensified this partnership in the area of technical ceramics in 1936, resulting in the foundation of Rosenthal Isolatoren GmbH, also known as RIG. With the intention of manufacturing technical ceramics, they reorganized their cooperation in 1971, establishing Rosenthal Stemag Technische Keramik GmbH, which was renamed Rosenthal Technik AG in 1974. In 1985 Hoechst AG acquired the company and from that point on operated it under the name Hoechst CeramTec AG.

The CeramTec site in Lauf an der Pegnitz has its roots in Steatit-Magnesia Aktiengesellschaft (STEMAG AG), founded in 1921. Following an initial incorporation into AEG in 1970, the company merged into Rosenthal Stemag Technische Keramik GmbH in 1971 as part of the reorganization of the partnership between Rosenthal and AEG.

Südplastik Gummi- und Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH began operations at the CeramTec site in Plochingen in 1951. Feldmühle AG took over the company in 1953, renaming it Südplastik und -keramik GmbH (SPK). Feldmühle AG refocused its ceramic activities in 1991 in the newly founded Cerasiv GmbH, but then quickly sold it in 1992 to Metallgesellschaft AG, which integrated the company into its subsidiary Dynamit Nobel AG.

Cerasiv GmbH’s acquisition of Hoechst CeramTec AG followed in 1996, resulting in the founding of CeramTec AG as a Metallgesellschaft AG (from 2000 mg technologies AG) company.
mg technologies AG’s subgroup Dynamit Nobel AG broke away from it in 2004. KKR, an American private equity firm, became the main buyer, integrating parts of Dynamit Nobel AG into Rockwood Holdings Inc. In the process, the Princeton, New Jersey-based Rockwood Group took over ownership of CeramTec AG. Rockwood had business segments in specialty chemicals and advanced materials. In 2013, Rockwood decided to focus on its Lithium activities and divested several of its companies. The CeramTec-Group was then acquired by CINVEN, a leading European private equity firm.

CeramTec continued to grow as a company, acquiring and integrating the Cartridge business from Ideal Standard, located in Wittlich, in 2006, followed by the acquisition of Emil Müller GmbH in Wilhermsdorf, Germany into the group as a subsidiary in 2007. A further acquisition followed in 2008: ETEC Gesellschaft für technische Keramik mbH also became a subsidiary and was renamed CeramTec-ETEC GmbH.

In 2015, DAI Ceramics in Willoughby, OH, USA was acquired, followed by the acquisition of the UK Electro-Ceramics business from Morgan Advanced Materials in 2017.

The company is present around the globe and has production sites and sales offices in the world’s most important markets, including North America in Laurens, South Carolina and China in Suzhou.

The Ceramic Experts’ Commitment to Quality and Certificates

CeramTec’s commitment to quality is an integral part of the company’s management policy: developing, manufacturing and selling products in a manner that is cost-effective, ensures high quality and safety and is environmentally friendly. All while remaining a leader in the competitive global market.

This means ensuring that CeramTec’s quality management and quality systems are always aligned with and in many cases exceed all of the latest international quality standards and specifications. At CeramTec all of our internal development, production and logistics processes also undergo continuous process improvement. Ultimately CeramTec is not only committed to meeting external requirements and expectations, but its own high standards as well.

Advanced Ceramics require advanced Quality Standards – CeramTec Certifications

We aim to develop, manufacture and sell products in a manner that is cost-effective, ensures high quality and safety and is environmentally friendly. All of our efforts center around satisfying our customers’ needs.”

CeramTec complies with the following general certification standards, as for example ISO / IATF 16949 for the automotive industry or ISO 13485 for medical products. All of our certifications can be downloaded. Specific products and components may conform with additional standards and specifications if necessary. CeramTec suppliers are subject to guidelines to ensure the quality of deliveries.

The CeramTec Group's materials testing labs – which are responsible for clear, professional testing and calibration, from initial sampling to documenting the end results – are accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) according to the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.