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  • Drilling Products - Testing Equipment

    In addition to setting industry standards for our products and services; CETCO is invested in providing clients with the correct tools needed on the job. Using the correct testing equipment for your application and conducting these tests the correct way, can make all the difference. Need help testing your fluids?

  • Marsh Funnel & Cup - Viscosity Measurement Tool

    Marsh Funnel & Cup - Viscosity Measurement Tool

    Viscosity is a measurement of a fluids resistance to flow: the greater the resistance, the higher the viscosity. As measured by the MARSH FUNNEL, the viscosity of the fluid in question is influenced by the density of the fluid (solids content) and gelation rate (beneficiated solids content). The viscosity of the drilling fluid in use should be based on a combination of the following parameters: drilling rate, pump and output capacity, mud density,...

  • Mud Balance & Mud Weight Measurement Tool

    Mud Balance & Mud Weight Measurement Tool

    A mud balance is an instrument generally used to determine mud weight that will permit accurate measurement within 1/10 lb/gal or 1/2 lb/ft3. Mud weight can be expressed in lb/gal, lb/ft3, psi/1,000 ft of depth or specific gravity (S.G.). The mud balance should be calibrated frequently with freshwater at 70˚F which will give a reading of 8.33 lbs/gal or 62.3 lbs/ft3.

  • Mud/Slurry Test Kit

    Mud/Slurry Test Kit

    In any job or trade special tools, equipment, and instruments are essential to effectively and efficiently complete our work. In the drilling industry we also have to have the proper tools and equipment. Sometimes it’s amazing how a tool or piece of equipment as small or in expensive as it may seem can have such an impact on a drilling operation. The MUD/SLURRY TEST KIT contains all of the testing equipment you need in the field.

  • Sample Bailer for Double Ball Discrete Depth Collection

    Sample Bailer for Double Ball Discrete Depth Collection

    SAMPLE BAILER has a second ball check located at the top that permits the bailer to secure a sample from a specific depth without influence from the slurry above. Meets contract specifications for collecting slurry samples for testing physical drilling slurry properties.

  • Venturi Mixing Hopper

    Venturi Mixing Hopper

    VENTURI MIXING HOPPERS are designed to aid in the introduction of dry powdered drilling fluid, polymers, and additives into a liquid phase, decreasing the time required for mixing and increasing the yield of drilling fluid, polymers, and additives though better shear.