Chabot SAS

Chabot SAS

Chabot SAS

Created in 1966, the company “Chabot” dealt with constructions of propeller pumps for the farming industry and mainly for farms in need of drainage. Situated in the ouest of France, the closeness to the national park of the “marais poitevin “was perfect for the company’s evolution. 50 years of existence and expertise contributed largely to the evolution of our products and our influence all over the world.

Company details

Z.I. 25 rue de Jéricho , Fontenay-Le-Comte , Pays de la Loire 85200 France
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Globally (various continents)
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We adapt to your very need

  • In farming
  • sea or river farming
  • public works
  • waste water treatment plant
  • animal and water park

Our work is made to measure as per your needs and requirements; we pride ourselves on being expert and artisan at the same time and pride ourselves with our presence on the international market. (Click here for details of our works all over the world).

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Our pumps can be found in the following countries

Wherever you are , we would ensure that your request will be dealt with professionalism and we will provide the best pumps  and service to  meet your requirement .

Propeller pumps for  height of water rise, and pumps for drainage, fish farming, public works, waste water treatment plants, career treatment, Chabot company offers a large choice of product to fit your environment best.