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CHALLENGE TECHNOLOGY is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of precision respirometers that support wastewater, BMP testing, biofuel & bioremediation research. With the introduction of the NEW 800 SERIES, Challenge Technology leads the industry with the most complete line of respirometers to fit every application and budget. The New Methane Potential Analyzer, BPA-800 is ideal for methane optimization studies and the AER-800 is a must for anyone involved in the testing of wastewater . And for WasteWater Treatment Plants Challenge offers the ODM-100 for on line, real time oxygen uptake monitoring of biological activity. Let your SCADA system give you up to the minute oxygen uptake rates and give you EARLY WARNING of conditions affecting your biomass.

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2270 Worth Lane, Suite D , Springdale , Arkansas 72764 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Challenge Technology has dedicated over 25 years of research, developing high quality respirometers, for monitoring of respiration for the purpose of understanding and optimizing biological wastewater processes.   Challenge Technology began manufacturing our initial product line of aerobic / anaerobic research level respirometers in 1990, using a patented, gas-flow measuring system developed by Mark Kuss, the president of Challenge TechnologyChallenge Technology continues to manufacture the highest quality respirometers, which support the wastewater, soil, compost, biofuel and bioremediation industries.  The Challenge Technology respirometers are the most requested respirometers, and have been sold in over 30 countries around the world and across Canada, Mexico and the United States.

This same experience and dedication is seen in the full line of Challenge Technology products, including the latest developments in material testing equipment.  Challenge Technology, seeing the need to innovate more precise test procedures for concrete and asphalt materials, has developed   a unique line of automated testing equipment that prove to be the best available for repeatability and reliability.  By removing as much human error as possible and by automating test procedures and developing new measurement technology, Challenge Technology offers cutting edge products for the civil engineering field.

Challenge Technology has a team of professionals, with facilities and skills, to take products from a concept, to a working model, to a production version.  We have extensive design experience, utilizing a wide variety of materials and technology.

Mark Kuss is, also, the designer and inventor of the Pro-View Wireless Live View, a wireless, remote viewfinder for digital SLR cameras, and Target-Cam,  a field-ready, portable, wireless digital target viewing system.

Our Mission Statement

Challenge Technology will strive to produce, market, and support products with high value and   quality.  The highest importance will be placed on building a business with a reputation for innovation, integrity, and respect for both customers and employees.  We will attempt to exceed the expectation of every customer with our products and our support for those products.

Our Vision

Challenge Technology's vision is to grow a multi-faceted company which designs, builds and brings to people, innovative products that fill engineering needs with cutting edge technology to build a better world, and unique consumer products that are useful and enjoyable.

Our Values

Challenge Technology will make the golden rule the standard by which all decisions, within the company and relating to customers, are measured.  The golden rule being simply...treat others as you want to be treated.

World Leader

Challenge Technology is the world leader in manufacturing of respirometric measuring equipment. Our materials testing equipment will soon be the standard for the transportation materials industry.


For over 23 years, Challenge Technology has provided the highest quality respirometers available for testing in wastewater treatment and other fields which use respirometry to gain an understanding of biological processes.

Worldwide Distribution

Challenge Technology ships all over the world, with sales representatives in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, China, Hungary, and India.

Customer Service

When you choose a Challenge Technology Respirometer System, you get the benefits of our 25 years of experience. We work tirelessly to support our customers and work with them to insure their success.


Since our company was founded, we have successfully invented and brought to market both environmental and material testing equipment that have set new levels of speed, repeatability, and reliability over standard methods.

Custom Solutions

Challenge Technology also takes on your custom engineering challenges, with full prototyping, design, and manufacturing capabilities. Our engineering team has a diverse background to develop state of the art solutions to your problems.