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ChemTec Publishing is one of the leading publishers for the scientific and technical communities worldwide. We publish information in formats which can be most conveniently accessed by their users. These are very well organized books, searchable databases on CD-ROMs, electronic-based software, and on-line publications, suitably searched and accessed on the world’s largest electronic library. Throughout our over 20 years of publishing activity we always have been very innovative, using the most up-to-date forms of publications for the benefit of their users.

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38 Earswick Drive , Toronto , Ontario M1E 1C6 Canada

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Publishing company
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Publishing / Media / Marketing
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Globally (various continents)


In 1996 (the year the commercial Internet was established) we have joined a then small network of 50,000 companies represented on Internet.

In 1999, we published our first comprehensive database well before it became common for data not to be printed in the form of heavy books.

In 2000, we were one of the first two publishers who contributed their books to a newly formed electronic library – the Knovel library – that has an on-line collection of the most important books from over 40 publishers today.

We specialize in publications on polymers, plastics, and rubber and we may have the largest collection of publications on this subject. This collection includes, in addition to our own publications, publications on this subject by the world’s leading publishers, including Rapra Technology, William Andrew Publishing, John Wiley and Sons, Springer Verlag, and Taylor & Francis. This permits for a one-source search and comparison of different sources and a selection of the best and the most comprehensive literature on polymers, plastics and rubber.

Our main specialization is publications in the area of polymer additives. These are the most up-to-date and the most comprehensive sources of information on this subject, frequently updated, and used by a very large number of readers in over 70 countries. We also have recent publications on any subject related to polymer and rubber science and technology.