Chesapeake Nuclear Services, Inc.

Chesapeake Nuclear Services, Inc.

Chesapeake Nuclear Services, Inc. specializes in radiological health and safety, with expertise in operational radiation safety programs, radiological environmental monitoring; environmental exposure pathway assessments, radioactive effluents and dose assessments, and radiological site characterization and decommissioning We team with experts in complementary fields to meet the diverse challenges associated with environmental analyses, radiological facility design and shielding, radiological material/waste management and regulatory compliance. Our primary focus is in supporting government agencies and private entities in radiological safety assessments and operational reviews.

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788 Sonne Drive , Annapolis , Maryland 21401 USA
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Service provider
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Radiation Safety
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Nationally (across the country)

U.S. NRC Regulatory Support

ChesNuc has supported the US NRC in developing Regulatory Guides and supporting licensing reviews for new nuclear plants.

  • FSAR Chapter 11 (Radioactive Waste Management) review and dose calculations
  • FSAR Chapter 12 (Radiation Protection) review and calculations
  • Regulatory Guides supporting implementation of 10 CFR 20 (Radiation Protection Standards)

We have also assisted NRC for its Environmental Assessments for In Situ Uranium Recovery.

Radiation Protection Programs and Assessments

Our staff has CHP and NRRPT certifications as well as ANSI qualified Radiation Protection Managers and INPO/WANO qualified assessors. Our experiences in operational health physics/radiation protection program management allow us to provide practical and efficient solutions in solving operational issues.

  • RP Program Assessments and Bases - ALARA, internal dosimetry and bioassay programs, external dosimetry, air sampling, respiratory protection.
  • Assessment Capabilities - Radiation transprot (MCNP) and shielding analysis (Microshield, QAD, Skyshine), VARSKIN for shallow dose assessment
  • Emergency Response - Offsite dose assessment methods, Emergency Action Level decision trees, drill scenario support
  • Radioactive Waste Management- Processing Assessments, 10 CFR 61 Waste Classification, 10 CFR 20.2002 Alternative Disposal

Radiological Environmental Monitoring and Dose Assessment

ChesNuc has extensive experience in evaluating radioactive effluents and exposure pathways and radiological environmental monitoring programs.

  • Author of NRCDose computer code - a Windows-based suite of codes for evaluation of radioactive effluent doses for nuclear power plant licensing
  • Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program development and review
  • Environmental Exposure Pathway Dose Modeling

MARSSIM Radiological Site Characterization and Decommissioning

ChesNuc has extensive experience in MARSSIM decommissioning - program development and implementation. We have performed Historical Site Assessments, Characterization Surveys, RESRAD modeling and DCGL development, Final Status Survey Plans.