Christian Berner

Christian Berner

Christian Berner

We deliver advanced technological equipment, components and material from leading international manufacturers and supplement it with consultation, analyses of customers’ technical needs, expert development and installations.

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Box 88, Designvägen 1 , Mölnlycke , 435 22 435 22 Sweden
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Manufacturing, Other
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

What we do

Buying technical components, materials and advanced equipment is a process that can involve many decisions. What we do, in short, is to simplify the decision-making process for our customers. They can concentrate on their core business activities and know that we will expertly handle everything else - including searches and inquiries.

We deliver advanced technical equipment, components and materials from leading international manufacturers. This we supplement with consultation, analysis of the customer's technical requirements, development, installation and service. Through long experience, we have accumulated extensive knowledge in a variety of fields and industries, such as processing, construction and engineering industries. Our customers are industrial and municipal operations. The goal is always to offer the most effective solutions for the entire operation and we are constantly working to be the leading partner for technical solutions.

Offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland:

  • Sweden: Christian Berner Tech Trade's parent company in the trading business. Christian Berner AB is the Swedish part of the Group with headquarters in Mölnlycke outside Gothenburg.
  • Norway: Christian Berner AS in Oslo and is the second oldest company. In addition to the group's public profile they deliver also to the offshore industry.
  • Denmark: A / S Christian Berner is situated just outside Copenhagen.
  • Finland: Christian Berner Oy is located in Vantaa, near Helsinki, and just like the other companies, it has evolved to be a local supplier specialized in their region.


Whether or not Norwegian entrepreneur Christian Berner actually liked beer is not something the stories tell us. But what we do know is that at the tender age of 16, he was already a skilled hand at business, languages, and taking care of the foreign suppliers at the import firm he worked at. It wasn't long before he was given the assignment to investigate the Swedish market, and he quickly found a new opportunity. At just 20 years old, in 1897, he founded the Christian Berner AB to import technical solutions to breweries in Gothenburg. The initiative was a success and the business grew quickly throughout the Nordic region. Productivity at the breweries increased and who knows, maybe the beer even got better.

Our owner - Christian Berner Invest

Christian Berner Invest is a Nordic investment company focused on trade and technology. Ever since the beginning their goal has been to develop companies according to ethical and financial principles in order to generate good and long-term returns to the company.

The current net sales are MSEK 622 and they have more than 200 employees in the Nordic region.

Today the Group consists of:

  • Tech Trade in Christian Berner Tech Trade AB
  • Manufacturing in OY Lautex AB
  • Real Estate in Berner Fastighets AB
  • Other Investments in Christian Berner Nygatan and CB Industriutveckling

Business concept

Christian Berner Tech Trade offers technical solutions, products and services to businesses and public sector organizations in the Nordic countries. We make our customers more competitive and simplify their daily lives, through qualified needs analysis, consulting, service and development. Our main competitive advantage is the high technical competence, service and delivery.


That same zest for technical discoveries, a feeling for quality and the ability to see new contexts and opportunities are traits that have continued to characterise Christian Berner to this day. The big difference is that these days, there are many, many more technical products and services out there. But, as we prefer to see it, there are also many, many more opportunities to find better solutions for our customers.

At the same time, the world has become more complex over the years and there are more things to consider. The environment, for one. When we evaluate suppliers and products, the environment is an important consideration. De they contribute to good resource management and as little environmental impact as possible? Or to helping make our customers' businesses more sustainable? We also constantly strive to make our own workplaces, transports and processes more environmentally friendly.

As much as we want to produce the right solution for our customers, we also want to do it in the right way. This way of thinking has always been an integral part of this family owned company. Our code of ethics supports us in this undetaking. And this code is not something we just read and forget - it is someting we constantly strive to live by.

The leading partner in technical solutions We develop and support our customers with the right solutions

Business ethics

  • Nurturing long-term, mutual dependence and trust in our business relations is very important to us
  • We run our business well and fairly and do not use methods that stand in the way of economic, social and democratic development
  • We base our selection of new investments and products on our Code of Ethics
  • Where we have the opportunity and position, we ask our suppliers to follow our Code of Ethics
  • We have an ongoing dialogue with our suppliers aimed at preventing and solving any ethical problems that may arise

Human relations

  • All our internal and external relations are imbued with respect and equality
  • We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination or abuse
  • We believe a strong and dynamic company is created by men and women with diverse ethnic and social backgrounds
  • We believe an atmosphere characterized by openness and trust inspires people to take responsibility and develop

Environmental aspects

  • We promote environmentally sustainable development in our products, transportation, workplaces, suppliers and other external contacts
  • Elements of conservation and minimal environmental impact steer our choice of the products we trade in
  • The environment is a significant factor, together with pride and quality, in our product selection