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  • Research ATR

    Research ATR

    Research grade VAOI vertical ATR (VAOI = variable angle of incidence). 50% Energy throughput continuously variable angle of incidence (25° to 75°). See-through purge cover for ease of consistent placement of sample holder. Interchangeable ATR crystals; ZnSe, Si, Ge, KRS-5 crystals available with 30°, 45°, or 60° angles of incidence. Sample pressure controllable via optional torque hex wrench. Snug seal in Nicolet FTIR compartments...

  • Insider


    Emission accessory. Mounts in sample compartments. Requires no instrument modification. Accommodates a variety of geometries. Usable to 400° C. Easy alignment. Reference documents available.

  • Vertex


    Variable angle spectral reflectance accessory. 5 - 85º angle of incidence with 1º resolution. Factory-calibrated reference dial. Easy user-calibration and position lock. Simultaneous rotation of sample and mirror planes for constant pathlength. Kinematically mounted for stability. KBr input/output conditioning lense. 50% throughput provides excellent signal to noise resolution. Easy interface with most spectrometers.

  • Micropress


    Microscope compression stage. Simplifies FTIR microscopy sample preparation. Works with all FTIR microscopes. Uses standard windows. Eliminates interference fringes. Enables quantitatively accurate microscopy sampling. Unheated & heated versions.

  • Pacesetter


    Microprocessor temperature controller. Precise temperature control. Protect components from overheating. Simple, single-use programming. Easy to read digital display. -200º to 1050º C temperature range. Automatic self-tuning. 120V or 240V, 50Hz to 60Hz. Type K or RTD sensors.

  • Explorer HATR

    Explorer HATR

    Horizontal variable angle ATR. 25º - 85º angle of incidence. Sampling of solids, liquids, pastes, and film coatings. ZnSe ATR crystal. Adjustable effective pathlength. Purgeable heated version to 200º C. Interchangeable ATR crystals.

  • Hot One

    Hot One

    High temperature studies of solids in a controlled environment. Room temperature to 700°C. Potassium Bromide (KBr) window. Cable heater. Clear Annodized Aluminum. Sample Mount - OFHC copper. Sample Size - 22mm diameter maximum; 12 mm within OFHC copper mount.