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  • WorkIR - Industrial FTIR Spectrometer

    WorkIR - Industrial FTIR Spectrometer

    The Workir is an industrial FT-IR spectrometer designed for on-line process monitoring. Derived from the highly successful Bomem MB Series of laboratory FT-IR spectrometers, it provides spectroscopic performance superior to that of other industrial units. This instrument is particularly well suited for composition determination of organic process streams in industries such as refining, petrochemicals, polymers, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceutics, and...

  • Model EP-IR - Encoded Photometric Infrared Spectrometer

    Model EP-IR - Encoded Photometric Infrared Spectrometer

    Most crucial chemical analysis and monitoring challenges occur outside of theanalytical laboratory. Whether testing for trace toxins in a pharmaceuticalmanufacturing plant, measuring emissions in environmental applications ormonitoring agricultural and food manufacturing processes , Aspectrics offers themost innovative technologies designed for real-world situations.