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  • Spectra Stream

    Spectra Stream

    To provide high sensitivity detection of impurities (low ppb). To reduce the time response typically associated with FTIR (from minutes to seconds). To reduce the effects of spectrometer drift.

  • QMax


    SPGASTM is a sophisticated gas analysis software that performs the quantification or estimation of the concentrations of known gases in a gas mixture. The SPGAS quantification analysis engine (chemometric package) is based upon a modified version of the Classical Least Square (CLS) multivariate calibration method which is called Weighted Multi-Band CLS. This method, instead of using the entire infrared absorption spectrum of a molecule, divides the...

  • IRGAS Script Editor

    IRGAS Script Editor

    The IRGAS multipoint gas analyzer, IRGAS-MPGA, is operated through the use of three software programs. The first of the three is the IRGAS Script Editor; this program is used to develop a script that will be executed by the IRGAS Hardware Control Software. A sample script has been provided as an example of what types of functions the script editor is capable of writing. After a script has been produced it can be save into a file which can be opened...

  • Quantification Reprocessing Tool

    Quantification Reprocessing Tool

    The SPGAS software is a multi-component gas analysis program comprised of several different tools that allow a user to conduct a complete examination of their gases. Within the SPGAS software package the user is given the means to collect data, calibrate that data, quantify the calibrated data, and adjust and recalculate the calibrated data. All of these options are performed by a different software tool within the SPGAS package.